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Esch Committee Members

The current Committee is comprised of internal faculty members from Ryerson, and external advisors who have expertise or direct experience in technology start-up ventures.

Committee Chair

John MacRitchie Assistant Vice-President Zone Learning and Strategic Initiatives

External Esch Committee Members

Suresh Madan President & CEO MyHealth
Mark Farrow CIO, Hamilton Health Science
Tony Redpath PhD (Physical Chemistry) - Trained Scientist, Entrepreneur
Valerie Fox Director Pivotal Innovation
Dominic Talalla Managing Partner, Trellis Capital Firm
Usha Srinivasan Chief of Staff - Elevate / Co-founder Hauschef
Ela Borenstein Director BDC Biotechnology
Charles Boulakia Patent Lawyer, Rideout & Maybe
Brian MacDonald Senior Business Advisor, Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure, Government of Ontario
Pushkar Kumer Founder, CSO & Board Director, GreenMantra Technologies
Ayesha Sabouba Director, Telecom Engineering, Hyrdo-One Telecom Inc.
Manfred Koo Life Sciences & Health sector consultant.
Karen L. Killeen Senior Business Advisor, Business Advisory Services
Samin Eftekhari Founder and President of Artin Biomed & Biomaterial Engineer at United Therapeutics Corporation, Greater Boston Area, Massachusetts, USA.
Joel Liederman President, ELARAD Venture Management
Holly Gardner Director, Strategic Initiatives - NXM Labs
Irene Yang Head of Business Development, Canada BASF Canadian Leadership Team
Alex Kjorven VP Corporate Development at Neighbourhood Capital | UofT Lecturer | SheEO Activator
Lisa Boreanaz Regional Director | NRC-IRAP
Carol Armstrong Venture Business Coach
Stephen Pumple Consultant
Zohair Khan Co-Founder and COO at Orchid and Temple
Alex Angevaare Head of Finance - Portfolio Companies at Siemens Canada Limited
Olena Kholodova Senior Advisor - Climate Change and Sustainability
Sarah Hashem Vice President, Strategic Initiatives - Music Canada
Andrea Matheson Scale Expert. Multi-Exit Entrepreneur. Problem Solver. Executive Entrepreneurial Leader.
Rachel Zimmer Entrepreneur. General Manager. Start-Up Advisor. Speaker.
Saif Husain Sr. Manager, IT Planning and Governance
Hilary Watson Co-Founder & Director, SCREENFLUENCE
Craig Thornton Vice President, National Business Solutions Marketing, TELUS
Michelle Sinclair Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada | Government of Canada

Internal Esch Committee Members

Ebrahim Bagheri Professor, Big Data & Cloud Computing
Vincent Hui Associate Professor, Architectural Science, FEAS, Ryerson University
John Enright Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering, FEAS, Ryerson University
Martin Croteau Professor, TRSM (President and CEO at Aventis Consulting Group Inc.)
Joao De Silva Consultant, Ryerson University
Vigen Nazarian Senior Director, Business Development and Commercialization, Ryerson University