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Past Winners

Somayeh Norouzi-Ghazbi Fun-exercise Stage 1
Shane Sigesmund SpeechApp Stage 1
Sheng Xu Community Bridge Stage 1
Morgan Kool MiRhythm Stage 2
Samer Loubieh Spogo Stage 2
Muhammad Zuberi  UNCIDENT Stage 2
Ali Mehrkish Precare Stage 3
Anum Khan Knos Technology Stage 3
Alexander Boukin Scatr Stage 3
Michael Melville Superwake Stage 3
Muhammad Abdul Ahad Pandos Stage 3
Durga Praveena Lingala Tech Driver Stage 1
Alex Zidros Gauss Fitness Stage 1
Samer Loubieh Spogo Stage 1
Armita Roozbeh KidsHub Stage 1
Grusha Shahpuri PAL (play and learn) Stage 1
Adham El-Khadem buzz Stage 1
Rohan Syal ThermaFlo Stage 1
Vladislav Gnatenko Ease of Mind Stage 1
Abrham Bisrat Addis East International Stage 1
Abdul Rehman Khan Magnetic CMM Stage 1
KARANDEEP SAINI (Proposed) Stage 1
Muhammad Zuberi UNCIDENT - Accurate Fearless Reporting Stage 1
Sutharsan Rajaratnam findMePronto Inc. Stage 1
Awais Ullah Alternative real estate marketplace Stage 1
Rimika Kapoor Red2Green Stage 1
Shima Razzaghi Eco-Chain Market Stage 1
Morteza Gharaee Clothing Swap Platform Stage 1
Hala Al-Amine Gardenlix Stage 1
Omair Sandhu Winnow Stage 1
Dhvanit Desai Automated Flight Dispatching and Payload Forecasting Software Stage 1
Will MacLaughlin Formify Stage 1
Joel Ramjist High-Sensitivity Fiber-Bragg Grating Sensor for Physiological Monitoring Stage 1
Sheyda Goodarzzadeh I-Ziba Stage 2
Ronald Noronha Sprinkler Mental Health Stage 2
Mohammadhassan Shakourirad teeem Stage 2
Michael Lawton Assisted Construction Stage 2
Alexander Boukin Scatr Stage 2
Stage 1
Adrian Best Brodin Tech Stage 2
Anum Khan Knos Technology Stage 2
Stage 1
Stage 1
Adham El-Khadem Buzz Stage 2
Ali Kermani KeenPillow Stage 2
Shahab Ghorbani Galloping monitoring of transmission lines with wireless technology Stage 2
Armin Sejfic Takionics Stage 3
Stage 2
Michael Lawton Machine Learning Estimation Stage 3
Liam Bell Glucose Vision Stage 3
Stage 2
Alexandre Coutu Rosor Corp. Stage 3
Lucas Gigliozzi Quanta Vici - Weardasun Stage 3
Seyed-Youns Sadat-Nejad Emerlet by Veebar Tech Stage 3
Roger Deo CRMP Solutions Stage 3
Shahram Zarpk SMAIR Stage 1
Ali Kermani SmartBUGGY Stage 1
Binh Nguyen & Michael Zara Sleep Apnea Detector Stage 1
Shahab Ghorbani Galloping monitoring of transmission lines with wireless technology Stage 1
Liam Bell Glucose Vision Stage 1
Ruba Kassem DARRS Stage 1
Armin Sejfic Food Foretell Stage 1
Syed Jameel Al Hassani Alien Express - Settle with ease Stage 1
Michael Lawton Assisted Construction Stage 1
Wiley Tam LineSafe Stage 1
Nathan Battersby May Contain Stage 1
Masiullah Asim Allocentric Stage 1
Mohammad Shakourirad teeem Stage 1
Ronald Noronha Mental Health Sprinkler Stage 1
Ibrahim Abdulhafiz Intelligent Prosthetic Hand Stage 1
Devarsh Patel SafeBand Stage 1
Raheleh Rahebi MyCoBuild Stage 1
Soroush Khodayar FermoPlastic Stage 1
Gagan Chatkara Pawplate Stage 1
Natasha Gilani Kita Stage 1
Ashraf Elshorbagy CropWatch Stage 1
Morgan A. Kool Lift by Tetra Stage 1
Manuel Rincon Mora Kargo Space is Money Stage 1
Sheyda Goodarzzadeh I-ziba Stage 1
Huzaifa Ahmed EyeSee Stage 1
Adrian Best Barbell Accelerometer Attachment Stage 1
Jafer Kamoonpuri veREM Inc. Stage 2
Roger Deo CRMP Solutions Stage 2
Reza Eslami Sensofine Stage 2
Nima Feizi A.R.I.S Stage 2
John Sirdevan P2P Marketplace for C&D Waste Stage 2
Alyson Burtch uBioDiscovery Stage 2
Rojyar Gandomi Build with no Waste Stage 2
Vaishak Pandian pardONE Stage 2
Anish Patel Travelot Stage 2
Thomas Martin SWTCH Stage 3
Ilija Jovanovic Taiga Robots Stage 3
Arta Momtazi ClaimIT Stage 3
Daniel McCammon Nanosatellite Launch System
Stage 1
Mohammed Nabeel Ahmed Wireless Mesh Concrete Sensors for Remote Monitoring of Curing Temp. Gradients Stage 1
Sasan Salehi Sasan Trailer Lights and Breaks Tester Stage 1
Catherine Cook North Logistics Stage 1
Idi Qinami Dine and Dash Stage 1
Saad Ahmed eStethoscope Stage 1
Nabila Abraham The Vulcan Training System Stage 1
Valentin Lyashenko Kombucha Innovation Labs Stage 1
Anish Patel Travelot Stage 1
Veylan Deva Toronto Net-Positive Modular Tiny Homes Stage 1
Shebel Alsabbah eCUBE Stage 1
Saad Hameed EnerEd Tech Stage 1
Gurpinder Harika Organic Waste Recycling Facility Stage 1
Rojar Gandomi Build with NO waste Stage 1
Armin Baig Rescued Treats Stage 1
Chitransh Vishway EasyDishwasher (EZ Dish) Stage 1
Amir Asadian Neptune Stage 1
Jamil Wahid Udomio Stage 1
King Tung Terra Flooring Stage 1
Feroz Balsara ION Stage 1
Roger Deo CHEMQRA Mobile Simulator Stage 1
Vaishak Pandian ParDONE Inc. Stage 1
Lam Thieu Liquid-crystal battery Stage 1
Sandeep Suri Certus Stage 1
Thomas Martin Exploring Impact of Autonomous Electric Vehicles Stage 1 & Stage 2 
Haifa Al Harz MobiFoodNic Stage 1 & Stage 2
Zoe Thomson Sonus - Lucid Stage 1 & Stage 2 
Wesley Kosiba Piezoelectricity Generated Road Heating Stage 1 & Stage 2 
Aly Nour Cooked With Love Stage 2
Jeff Schwartzentruber Retent
Stage 2
Robnier Reyes Perez Ekardio
Stage 2
Rehman Ata Stage 2
Ilija Jovanovic Taiga Robotics' IRIS Stage 2
Udai Hassein  Safe Passing System Stage 2
Ayda Naserialiabadi Emerlet Stage 2
Tyler Neil  Emulus Robotics  Stage 2
Aditya Modi Chat Automate Stage 2
Waleed Mahmood Werk  Stage 3
Maleeha Alvi Eatonomy Corporation Stage 3
Joseph Fida  Blade Filters Inc. Stage 3
Amino Ali Co-Play Games & Tech Features Stage 3