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Our Entrepreneurs

Arta Momtazi, Stage 3 Winner

BenchMarx brings construction time, and workflow management into the modern age

Ashraf Elshorbagy, Stage 1 Winner

Cropwatch helps farmers to increase yield, reduce costs and feed more people

Ilija Jovanovic, Stage 3 Winner

Taiga Robotics combines the brain power of a person with the strength and durability of a robot

Morgan Kool, Stage 1 Winner

Atlas Medical’s innovative stair lift system provides a simple and affordable mobility solution

Peyman Moeini, Stage 3 Winner

Peytec’s latest offering is a Muck Puck for the mining industry

Thomas Martin, Stage 3 Winner

SWTCH offers a solution for grid overload by automating off-peak electric vehicle charging

Ayda Naserialiabadi, Stage 3 Winner

Emerlet by Veeber Tech makes it safer for seniors to live independently

Anum Khan, Stage 2 Winner

Knos Technology offers a low-cost solution to an expensive and hazardous wastewater problem

Hala Al-Amine, Stage 1 Winner

Gardenlix provides an urban agricultural solution driven by smart technology

Adrian Beyk, Stage 3 Winner

Quanta Vici’s Weardasun is a first-to-market smart heated wearable with innovative capability

Liam Bell, Stage 3 Winner

Glucose Vision pre-evaluates meals to improve quality of life for diabetic patients

Lukasz Holownia, Esch 20/20 Winner

Voyager Systems provides airlines with a cost-efficient operating system

Nathan Battersby, Esch 20/20 Winner

IdeaMosaic provides the grocery industry with a new efficient software

Vamshi Chittaluri, Esch 20/20 Winner

veREM develops 3D recreation of CTL lab, training participants virtually