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Host a live meeting with Zoom


At this time, all faculty and teaching assistants have licensed Zoom accounts.

  • Room capacity: 300 people per room.
  • Record to Zoom Cloud: Yes.
  • Delivery method: Zoom desktop app (preferred) or Chrome web client (limited features).
  • Meeting length: Up to 4 hour meetings.
  • Closed captioning: No automatic real-time closed captioning, however meetings recorded to Zoom Cloud can be automatically transcribed.

Privacy and security 

Please review both privacy recommendations and security room controls intended for holding online classes. Please note, different settings may be required for confidential virtual meetings.

Please share the following with your students along with the meeting room details. You can make adjustments to this to reflect the needs of your course.

Code of Conduct

During this online session it is the responsibility of all of us to create and maintain a welcoming and accepting learning environment. All students are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct as outlined in PDF fileSenate Policy 61.

The Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct reflects the expectation that students will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with generally accepted standards of behaviour, University regulations and policies, departmental policies, and in compliance with federal, provincial and municipal laws, as well as professional standards and codes of ethics that govern students who are members of some regulated professions.


This session will be recorded so that it can be made available to students who are not able to attend this session. If you do not wish to be seen or heard, please keep your camera or microphone turned off. Participants joining by phone will have their phone numbers masked for privacy.


All questions should be asked through the chat panel unless otherwise stated. Inappropriate or disrespectful language in the chat panel will not be tolerated. The host/co-hosts (TA/GA, Faculty, or Instructor) reserve the right to remove anyone who does not behave accordingly.

By entering the meeting, you acknowledge that you have read and accept the terms above.

Ryerson has conducted the privacy impact assessment and security assessment on Zoom. Please review the recommendations from the assessments:

  1. Before you start using Zoom, please review Zoom’s Privacy Policy., external link
  2. When you are going to record the meeting:

    1. you need to let the participants know the meeting is recorded prior or at the start of the meeting,
    2. you should not discuss sensitive topics as discussed in the privacy policy, and
    3. the host is responsible for the retention and deletion of the recordings in accordance with Ryerson record retention schedule.

For questions about Zoom privacy, please email us at and we will consult with the Privacy Office accordingly.

Zoom security and privacy controls

We recommend leaving the following default privacy and security controls disabled.

  • Allow removed participants to rejoin: Allows previously removed meeting participants and webinar panelists to rejoin.
  • Far end camera control: Allow another user to take control of your camera during a meeting.
  • Attention tracking: Lets the host see an indicator in the participant panel if a meeting/webinar attendee does not have Zoom in focus during screen sharing.
  • Private chat: Allow meeting participants to send a private 1:1 message to another participant.
    •  Note that if the meeting is being recorded, the private chat will be recorded as well.
  • Allow live streaming meetings



Visit Zoom's Help Center, external link or email us at using your Ryerson email address.