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What's next?

This winter will be a time of transition, with some classes in person, some online, and some being a mix of both. 

This is also a good time to reflect on what has worked (and what hasn't) over the past two semesters and begin considering what strategies and approaches you can bring back with you to the classroom.

Many of the resources below will be beneficial even after we return to campus and we will make sure they continue to be available to you in the future. 

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Caucasian male professor engaging with diverse group of students in a classroom

Inspired Teaching

A digital showcase that celebrates the efforts of Toronto Metropolitan University's teaching community, highlighting successful strategies and lessons learned by faculty and instructors while teaching remotely.

Female student on a zoom call with fellow classmates

Tech for Teaching 

A curated blog focused on adding technology to your reaching, bringing instructions, resources, and best practices to Toronto Metropolitan University's teaching and learning community. 

Female instructor on a Zoom call while using a tablet


Podagogies is a learning and teaching podcast that explores the pedagogy of post-secondary educators who bring scholarship to students in compelling, innovative, and surprising new ways.

Quick Links

Adapting your course: a six-part guide

Over the last several months, the teams in the Centre for Excellence in Learning and teaching have worked together to develop a wealth of new resources. This guide takes this work along with additional research to help you adjust your course as efficiently and effectively as possible.

While it is presented in six parts, it is truly an iterative process. You will likely make "big picture" decisions as you go through the guides, but feel free to revisit, refine, and adjust as needed. 

The checklist

Download our companion checklist to keep track of your progress for each course you are adapting.

ABC Online

ABC Online

This course design tool offers a streamlined process for designing and revising courses for online delivery based on sound educational principles.

Faculty & Instructor Workshops

Faculty & Instructor Workshops

Our workshops offers essential strategies and tools that will support your teaching success in a variety of environments. Register for upcoming events and access recordings from previous sessions. 

Large Class Survival Guide

Large Class Survival Guide

A compilation of tips for preparing and delivering your large sized course. 

Resources at-a-glance

Resources at-a-glance

This directory provides quick access to a comprehensive list of resources, all in one convenient space for easy reference.

TA/GA Workshops

TA/GA Workshops

The TA/GA remote teaching workshop series covers many aspects of professional development in teaching in an online environment. 

Tech for teaching

Tech for Teaching

Tips, instructions, and best practices for using technology in delivering content and engaging students.

Virtual Consultations

Virtual Consultations

Get personalized guidance and support from our Educational Developers, Instructional Technologists and Instructional Designers. 

Virtual Proctoring icon

Virtual Proctoring

Access the latest information on the virtual proctoring tools available at the university.


Explore the Continuity of Learning Guide, which provides instructions on how to join online classes and adapt to new learning processes while away from campus.