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R&R- Reflect and Resist. Exploring anti-Black racism through live actor simulations

July 30, 2020
1:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT
Online via Zoom

Workshop Description

Karen Arthurton, award winning lecturer in the School of Social Work, will facilitate participants through a live actor simulation and how she uses the debrief and reflection in her classroom to explore anti-Black racism. How might we address anti-Black racism through the use of simulations? How does this encourage the use of reflection? What is the role of instructors through the use of live actor simulations? These questions will be addressed through this interactive workshop.

This event is presented by Live Actor Simulation at Ryerson (LAS@R) within Experiential Learning, a primary resource in the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

This is a recording of the workshop: Reflect and Resist: exploring anti-Black racism through simulation presented by the Live Actor Simulation at Ryerson team and guest facilitator Karen Arthurton on Thursday July 30, 2020. During the session, Karen used simulation 207: Fallout After Violence to share one character’s perspective on what it is to be a Black man navigating the world. Building on our courageous volunteer participant interactions with the character, Karen used her expertise to share how she uses that simulation and reflections in her classroom to explore the issue of anti-Black racism and its effects beyond mainstream conversations currently taking place around us. The workshop provided a powerful demonstration of how live actor simulation can be used in any teaching or learning context. 

This is one simulation in a catalogue of over one hundred Live Actor Simulations which can be used to reach students/participants learning goals and support the development of professionally relevant skills. Live actor simulation is a tool which can be used, and has been used, by every faculty and department, across all disciplines at Ryerson. Contact for more information.

The Speakers:

  • Geoff Kolomayz, Trainer, Live Actor Simulation at Ryerson
  • Katherine Turner, Trainer/Writer/Facilitator, Live Actor Simulation at Ryerson
  • Guest Facilitator, Karen Arthurton, Contract Lecturer, School Social Work
  • With an introduction by Anita Abraham, Director, Experiential Learning

Moderated by:

Victoria Murdoch, Administrative Assistant, Live Actor Simulation at Ryerson