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The Centre for Immigration and Settlement (RCIS) accepts submissions to any of our three series for publication as Working PapersResearch Briefs, or Spotlight on Migration pieces. These series are produced jointly in partnership with the CERC in Migration and Integration at Ryerson University.

There is no requirement for formal affiliation with the RCIS, the CERC in Migration and Integration, Ryerson University, or any academic institution in order to submit a paper for publication. We will consider submissions from students, faculty, and community members for any of our three publication series. 

Submissions are reviewed prior to publishing. The suitability of your paper for publication will ultimately depend on the content of your submission and is up to the discretion of the RCIS and the CERC in Migration and Integration editors and the independent reviewers. If you have a preference for the series under which your submission is considered, please include this information when you submit your paper. Otherwise, the RCIS and the CERC in Migration and Integration editors will decide on the appropriate series for publication. 

We also accept feedback and ideas for future publications and series. If you would like to see a particular topic or issue addressed in a publication, please send us your ideas and you will be acknowledged for your contributions.

word fileGuidelines for formatting your paper are available, and information about plagiarism and self-plagiarism can be found in 'Appendix A' of Ryerson University’s PDF fileAcademic Integrity policy.

RCIS and the CERC in Migration and Integration have an open access policy, meaning that our publications are freely available to the public. Publishing with the RCIS and the CERC in Migration and Integration is an excellent outlet for sharing your work with a larger audience to achieve a bigger impact for your research or commentary. The review process also offers a valuable opportunity to enhance the quality and clarity of your writing and further develop your ideas. 


Papers submitted to the Working Papers, Research Briefs, and Spotlight on Migration series are in-progress, pre-publication versions of authors’ work, in various stages of completion. As a scholarly exercise, to the benefit of the authors’ work, and the integrity of the series, the papers are subject to a review process. Authors may be asked to make adjustments to their papers in response to reviewers’ feedback. However, publishing a paper as part of the Working Papers, Research Briefs, or Spotlight on Migration series does not preclude publication elsewhere. The authors retain the copyright of the papers.

Individuals may download papers posted on the RCIS website for personal use; however, downloading papers for any other activity, including reposting on other websites, is prohibited without the written consent of the authors. Papers in the Working Papers, Research Briefs, or Spotlight on Migration series may be cited without seeking written permission from the authors.

It is the responsibility of the authors to know and inform RCIS or the CERC in Migration and Integration if a paper needs to be removed from the RCIS website. 

 Please contact us with any questions about RCIS and CERC in Migration and Integration publications. 

Submit a Paper for Review

If you think that your work is suitable for publication as a Working Paper, Research Brief, or Spotlight on Migration piece, please submit a .docx file for review. 

A member of the RCIS team will contact you as soon as possible to outline the next steps in the review process.

Please include only .doc or .docx files

(Note: First draft submissions do not need to adhere to formatting word fileguidelines).