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Marshia Akbar

Senior Research Associate
EducationPhD, York University. MA, Carleton University

Marshia Akbar’s research broadly encompasses economic and social integration of migrants in Canada. She is particularly interested in analyzing how migration and settlement policies shape the labour market integration of migrants across Canadian cities.

Marshia Akbar came to Canada as an international graduate student in 2007. During her tenure as a MA student at Carleton University and as a PhD student at York University, her research focused on how identities (such as gender and race) influence the social and economic opportunities and challenges facing migrants. One of her strongest skills is her ability to analyze qualitative data using NVivo and large quantitative data sets using SPSS and STATA.

As a post-doctoral research fellow at York University, she provided research support for the SSHRC partnership titled ‘Building Migrant resilience in Cities in Canada (BMRC)’, which included analysis of settlement policies and integration challenges in Ontario and Quebec, collaborative research, knowledge mobilization and project management. Her doctoral and postdoctoral research findings have been published as journal articles and web-based reports.

Working with settlement agencies in major urban areas, she aims to assess the policies about eligibility for permanent residency and settlement services and their impacts on the employment outcomes of different categories of temporary residents, such as international students, foreign workers and refugee claimants. The research will advance knowledge of location-specific labour market challenges for temporary residents and help identify required policy interventions.

Journal Articles and Research Reports

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Policy Reviews

Preston, V. (2020) The Social Characteristics of International Students in Ontario and Quebec, external link, BMRC. 

Preston, V. (2020) PDF fileThe Social Characteristics of Temporary Foreign Workers Living in Ontario and Quebec, external link, BMRC.

Preston, V., Bedard, T., Hutfless, I. and Wayland, S. (2020) Building System Resilience: Learning from Local Immigration Partnership’s Environmental Scans and Service Inventories, external link.  

Blogs and Infographics

Charles, N. (2019) How Did Immigrants Admissions Changed in Canada?, external link BMRC.

(2020) We need responsible multifaith solidarity to fight the pandemic, Blog on Pandemic Borders, Open Democracy, external link