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Michelle Nguyen

Research Technician
EducationMA, Ryerson University

Michelle is interested in exploring the challenges of migrant reception and integration in non-gateway cities.

Michelle holds a BA in History and International Development Studies from Trent University and an MA in Immigration and Settlement Studies from Ryerson University. During her MA, she wrote her Major Research Paper on the historical resettlement experiences of Vietnamese refugees in Peterborough, Ontario.  

She has been a research assistant for projects on the social history of the Vietnam War, ethnic neighbourhoods in Canada‚Äôs immigrant gateway cities, and the experiences of immigrant families in Canada. She was an intern for the Canadian Immigration Historical Society in Ottawa, doing archival work, and most recently, for the Migration Policy Research Division at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Headquarters in Geneva, where she helped to conduct research and copy-edit various chapters of the World Migration Report 2020.  

Her research interests include policy and media discourses on migration, migrant agency, Canadian immigration history, and Vietnamese diasporic communities.

Recent publications

McAuliffe, M., Bauloz, C., Qu, S. (2019) Chapter 2: Migration and migrants: A global overview, external link, opens in new window, In World Migration Report 2020, International Organization for Migration. 

McAuliffe, M., Bauloz, C. (2019) Chapter 4: Migration research and analysis: Growth, reach and, external link recent contributions, external link, In World Migration Report 2020, International Organization for Migration. 

(2020/8) PDF fileWhy Migrants Stay in Small and Mid-Sized Canadian Cities: Towards a New Analytical Framework Using a Life Course Approach