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Oreva Olakpe

Research Fellow
EducationPhD, University of London

Oreva Olakpe researches how communities without status (e.g. irregular migrants and cross-border minorities) in the Global South form institutional structures and make space for themselves in their society of settlement.  Oreva has studied sub-Saharan African migrant businessmen with mostly expired status and African asylum seekers in China, and a cross-border minority at the Cameroon-Nigeria border. She received a PhD in Law from the School of Oriental and African Studies, the University of London.

Oreva has also recently worked on EU-funded projects on migrant integration, migration partnerships, and approaches to forced displacement in West Africa. She has carried out research on African migrations and informal communal structures, funded by the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa.

Recent Publications

(2020/13) PDF fileThe Evolution of EU-Africa Migration Partnerships: Lessons in Transnational Migration Governance

(2020/2) PDF fileUndocumented Migrant Communities in Cities: Negotiating Legal and Legitimate Status from Below

Kula, L. (2020) Displacement. Commodification and Profit-making in Nigeria. In A. Pine & S. Mcguirk (Eds.), In Profit, Protest and the Asylum Industry. PM Press, United Kingdom.