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Portrait of Seyda Ece Aytac

Seyda Ece Aytac

Research Assistant
EducationMS, Applied Economics, University of Texas at Dallas

Seyda is currently a PhD student in Policy Studies at Ryerson University. Her dissertation draws on the disciplines of Economics and Social Policy to examine the factors and dimensions of precarious employment in the Canadian labour market. Her study aims to generate a comprehensive and multidimensional scale to measure precarious work and its impacts on different groups of workers based on their gender, education, marital status, immigration status, and type of employment in the labour market. 

Seyda worked as a research assistant in the SSHRC funded projects “Environmental Regulation, Innovation, and the Migration of Skilled Workers” and “Policy Engagement at Multiple Levels of Governance: A Case Study of the Living Wage and Minimum Wage Policy” at Ryerson University. From 2015 to 2018, she worked as a Policy Advisor for the Gender Wage Gap Strategy, Government of Ontario.

Seyda has taught in the Department of Economics and Chang School at Ryerson University.