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i am... Premiere - 28 Canadian stories, exploring 3 questions

June 10, 2021
12:00 PM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT
Online via zoom

On the 50th anniversary of the introduction of multiculturalism policy in Canada, CERC Migration set out to better understand the legacy of that idealism and measure the sense of belonging to a Canadian identity today, particularly within the context of the Black Lives Matter movement and resistance to settler colonialism. An open call for short-film concepts asked: How do you see yourself? How do you wish to be seen? How are you seen by others? Through a competitive selection, 28 graduate students from across Canada eloquently answered that call and produced their own short films from within their pandemic bubbles. 

The final works are provocative, emotional and challenging. And our ‘filmmakers’ are ready to share!

Join us for a virtual screening and Q&A

June 10, 2021, 12-1 PM EDT

Bring your lunch, your friends, and your curiosity to the Premiere. We will screen a selection of three-minute films and introduce the i am... web platform that presents all 28 films. Meet the new filmmakers and reflect on what the films invoke about our own sense of belonging as Canadians. Can we build a future of deeper understanding and greater inclusion?

About am

The i am... digital storytelling research project is led by Anna Triandafyllidou, the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration, and Gemini Award-winning filmmaker Cyrus Sundar Singh. In fall 2020, 28 graduate students were selected through an open call for proposals. Though most had little or no filmmaking experience, they each had unique and important stories to share about their places of belonging or not belonging within a Canadian identity. Over the past six months, in the midst of their pandemic bubbles, and while receiving hands-on mentorship from film industry experts, our creators produced outstanding original works that weave together a larger story about Canadian identity and contemporary society.     

The i am... project is an initiative of the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Migration and Integration at Ryerson University. CERC Migration is concerned with the challenges of global migration and integration, including matters related to Canadian citizenship, multiculturalism and national identity.

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