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Under the Tent

An invitation to participate in a creative exploration of diversity, race and multiculturalism


Under the Tent is a multimedia storytelling project that explores the sense of belonging or not belonging under the tent of Canadian multiculturalism – a 50-year legacy of government policy that was intended to recognize the nation’s racial and cultural diversity, and promote the inclusive and equal participation of all Canadians. Multiculturalism has brought enthusiasm as well as disappointment, equity and inequality, and community and exclusion, especially around Indigenous reconciliation and decolonization.

Under the Tent, the next iteration of the inaugural i am project, opens in new window, invites selected participants to reflect on individual and collective experiences with multiculturalism, race and diversity, and to propose contributions towards its future possibilities. It is a multimedia space that invites participants to produce creative works that express criticisms and new thinking. Under the Tent is intended to unpack and reframe multiculturalism through a creative lens. The project is led by Cyrus Sundar Singh and Anna Triandafyllidou, CERC Migration.

Under the Tent is open to current graduate students who are enrolled in a graduate program at any Canadian university during the academic year 2021-2022 or have graduated from a Canadian University in 2018 or later. Under the Tent is seeking participants who have a unique story to tell, are open to learning at an accelerated pace, and are available to engage in the project between January to June 2022.

The selected cohort of 20 individuals will receive creative mentorship throughout the process. Each participant will produce a short digital storytelling or creative project (that may include film, dance, music, theatre or an installation) that can be widely shared with a public audience. The project culminates with a festival/symposium in June 2022 that will engage the community in real time (either virtual or in-person depending on health protocols).

Upon completion of the project, participants will receive a $500 honorarium.

Interested participants must submit an Expression of Interest that includes a CV and a two-page letter explaining who you are, why you are motivated to participate, and an idea of what you wish to create.

Applications are due by Nov. 25, 2021, 11:59 PM EST

Submit applications to the following link:, external link

A tent is mostly a portable structure, meant to provide temporary shelter and shade. In a Western European/North American context, the tent is symbolic of an opportunity to disconnect from the daily confines of urban responsibility and the freedom to travel. A tent is also a place for gathering, processing and sharing. While the tent is a space for encounter and dialogue, we acknowledge that the term is loaded and may not necessarily have positive connotations. For millions of people in places of conflict, natural disasters or poverty, a tent may be their only home.

We offer a tent as hope, shelter and company. Come celebrate, criticize, experience and gather Under the Tent. What will you contribute to this creative potluck of belonging?

How do you experience multiculturalism?

How do you see it in the experience of others?

How will you engage in its future?