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Dr. Jiangning Wu

Jiangning Wu
BSc, MSc, PhD, PEng
416-979-5000 ext. 556549

Areas of Academic Interest

Applications of advanced oxidation technologies in wastewater treatment

Oxidation technologies for polymer surface modification and renewable energy


Year University Degree
1992 University of Windsor
1985 Nanjing University of Technology
1982 Nanjing University of Technology

Selected Courses

Course Code Course Title
CHE 204 Thermodynamics I
CHE 220 Heat Transfer
CHE 426 Transport Phenomena


Jiangning Wu knows how lucky she is to be an engineer. Raised during China’s Cultural Revolution, which banned many from attending university, Wu grew up thinking that her future was out of her control. All that changed when, after a decade, the revolution ended. Finally, she was able to pursue the chemical engineering degree she’d been hoping for.

Wu and her classmates were among the first to study engineering after the education restrictions were lifted. The pressure to excel was immense, but they stuck together, supporting one another through the long hours of studying. “We were very motivated,” she says. “We knew how fortunate we were to be in school.”

Today, Wu is making exciting strides in wastewater treatment through ozone technology. It’s a challenging field because the planet’s environmental problems can feel so enormous. But Wu is not daunted; that same teamwork-oriented outlook that got her through university keeps her pushing ahead. “It takes more than one person to fix all the water problems we face,” she says. “But if I train students and eventually they train students, together we can make a real impact.”

Jiangning Wu

“I treasured the opportunity to go to university after so many years of not being allowed.”

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  • Member of the editorial board, Journal of Chemical and Process Engineering