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A female student with a test tube in a lab
Chemical Engineering Co-op program

In the Chemical Engineering Co-op program, we’ll give you two crucial tools: the knowledge to transform the earth’s raw materials into essential products, and the awareness you need to protect the environment. Our mandatory co-operative internship program puts those skills into action, connecting you with industry leaders and government agencies such as Apotex, Sanofi Pasteur, Environment Canada and Suncor Energy. From making our lakes and rivers cleaner, to improving industrial safety standards, you’ll apply your skills in chemistry and engineering sciences to sustain and enrich all of our lives.

Student Experience

You belong to a Faculty that offers countless opportunities for growth, creativity, and networking with peers and professors. Whether you join a design team, a hobby club, or attend our events that encourage meaningful relationships with alumni and industry, connect with our thriving community by getting involved.

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“My time at Ryerson as a chemical engineering student has been the single most important factor shaping my career. My co-op experience at Ryerson, and the mentorship and funding I received through the entrepreneurship programs, gave me the tools I needed to kickstart my start-up.”

Seyed Nourbakhsh, CEO at Formarum Inc.
Chemical Engineering ‘13