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Dr. Steven Liss

Steven Liss
Vice-President, Research & Innovation, Ryerson University

A message from the Vice-President, Research & Innovation

Over the last two decades, Toronto has entered the spotlight as a truly global city, and Ryerson has emerged as the place to be for city builders, creative thinkers and innovators.

City building has always been a part of Ryerson’s DNA but now there’s even greater urgency for our leadership in urban research as we face unprecedented challenges: recovery from COVID-19, climate change, rapid urban growth, housing unaffordability and mounting social inequities, to name a few. More than ever, we need bold, innovative and impactful solutions.

This is why I am proud to launch City Building Ryerson, a university-wide initiative to collaborate, mobilize and showcase city building and urban innovation at Ryerson. 

Embracing a culture of cooperation and seamless partnerships with industry, stakeholders and government, City Building Ryerson will help to demonstrate cutting-edge academic research across all disciplines, work with external partners on strategic initiatives, and provide unique real-world student learning experiences—all focused on tackling the greatest urban issues of our time. 

With this initiative, Ryerson University is taking a strong leadership role in answering today’s challenges while planning ahead for the sustainable cities of the future.

Situated in the centre of downtown Toronto, Ryerson University is a platform to study, apply, test and scale research and innovation. Our outstanding faculty and researchers are seeking solutions to global challenges. This is the Ryerson difference—our can-do approach to find solutions, defy convention and try out new ideas. 

I encourage you to follow the evolution of this new initiative and to discover how Ryerson is helping to build cities of the future.