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Urban Innovation Café

Our Urban Innovation Café series brings together diverse leaders, researchers and policy makers to discuss current urban innovations and their potential to solve problems, in a moderated discussion and Q&A.


Smart Freight: safe, green and efficient goods delivery with Ryerson faculty members Drs. Bilal Farooq, Atefeh Mashatan and Sharareh Taghipour, and Dr. Sabbir Saiyed, Region of Peel. Moderated by Carolyn Kim, Pembina Institute.


City Building Research in Focus 2021

This series was designed to showcase timely Ryerson research and thought leadership across disciplines that adds depth and dimension to core city building concepts.

Imagining the Future of TO's Chinatown Districts with Linda Zhang

Health Impacts of Urban Road Traffic Noise with Dr. Tor Oiamo

Reducing Pandemic Stress and Stigma with Dr. Josephine Wong

Women and Cities: Planning for Equity with Diana Petramala and Hannah Chan-Smyth

Mapping Local News Poverty with Prof. April Lindgren

Housing Affordability and Immigrant Groups in Canada with Dr. Vik Singh

It Takes a Community: Advancing Neighbourhood Businesses with Dr. Zhixi Zhuang


COVID in Focus 2020

In this webinar series, which ran in Fall 2020, we explored aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic’s wide-ranging impact on cities. Ryerson faculty members presented their latest research into the effect of policy measures enacted during the pandemic, as well as newly apparent needs for pandemic preparedness and the protection of public health in an urban context. Watch the past discussions here.

How our homes impact our health with Dr. Terri Peters

Road safety as a public health issue with Dr. Linda Rothman

How cycling infrastructure can save lives with Dr. Anne Harris

Mapping children's healthy movement during COVID-19 with Dr. Raktim Mitra


Invited Guests

We're pleased to present prominent guests to discuss city building issues from their unique perspective.

Alain Bertaud, external link in conversation with Diana Petramala, presented in recognition of National Housing Day 2020