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We are community and city builders

Universities play a critical role both in pushing boundaries, and in bringing together diverse viewpoints and areas of expertise. Ryerson University is a partner, anchor institution and platform for building a resilient, inclusive city.

At Ryerson, city building takes many forms. Our reputation as a city-focused university lies in our knowledge mobilization, advocacy, outreach and community engagement work, all informed by robust research.

Ryerson is also deeply invested in building a campus and community that enriches downtown Toronto and serves as a model for how universities can be fully integrated in urban centres – and how downtown centres can be livable, sustainable and inclusive. From new development on our campus to diverse partnerships across the region, Ryerson is devoted to ensuring that the cities of tomorrow are healthy places to live, work and learn.

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Our unique facilities and organizations

Learn about our on-campus city building community! Take a look at some of Ryerson’s noteworthy city building initiatives, from multi-disciplinary labs and hubs where innovations are developed and tested in real time, to public policy research centres tackling critical issues related to urban development, smart cities, social equity, urban sustainability and more.

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Advancing city building innovation and achievement

What does city building mean to Ryerson? For us, city building is about bold thinking that will shape the future of the city we call home as well as urban centres around the globe. From sustainability to democracy to technology, our research is devoted to the subjects that will actively shape healthy communities. We invite you to read about the people and projects across our university making a difference today.