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Message from the Chair

Dr. Khaled Sennah sits in his office

Dr. Khaled Sennah, PhD, PEng

As many of today’s greatest engineering challenges are urban, our department is the ideal place to invent solutions. Located in downtown Toronto, you will be continually inspired to generate novel ideas that address the needs of city living.

Our faculty members are inspired, too. Dedicated to advancing your learning and career-readiness, they are engaged in exciting research and development projects, many in collaboration with industry, and have won major awards for their teaching. Under their guidance, you will learn to balance the safety, design and financial considerations of our most essential infrastructure systems. You will also develop self-confidence, creativity, critical thinking, and a passion for lifelong learning.

Civil engineers play a crucial role in quality of life around the world. Our innovative, interdisciplinary department, and our strong connections with industry and the city, will give you the knowledge and real-world experience you need to make your mark.

“Civil engineers play a crucial role in quality of life around the world.”