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Founded in Nov. 2010, the Centre for Labour Management Relations (CLMR) at Ryerson University stimulates the next generation of diverse changemakers and thought leaders to initiate cutting edge inquiry into how historical and emerging cultural, demographic, economic, environmental, political, and social trends affect all aspects of employment, labour and work, and empowers them to act as catalysts in shaping the domestic, national and global landscapes of labour management relations.

The CLMR promotes contemporary, collaborative, equitable, fair, and progressive approaches for labour and management to work better together, and with other stakeholders (e.g., academia, community, government, law, media, and policy), in ways that inform innovative policy and drive positive change to achieve greater productivity and profitability for businesses, improved job and income security for workers, and increased equality and justice for communities.

Vision / Mission

Director's Message

Since November 2010 the progress made by the Centre for Labour Management Relations (CLMR) has been nothing less than extraordinary, and its accomplishments have served as a model of excellence for the productive ways in which the public, private and not-for-profit sectors can have lasting and meaningful impacts on academics, communities, and students.

The need for the CLMR is more crucial now than ever as new economic, legal, political, regulatory, social and technological factors affect employment/labour/work within local and global marketplaces. This is an exciting time for labour management relations and we look forward to continuing to produce events, research, and programs that result in greater productivity and profitability for organizations, increased income and job security for workers, and decreased inequality and injustice for society.