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Architectural Science

Chemical Engineering

Program Description

The goal of the Bachelor of Architectural Science program is to educate students for a wide range of professional roles in the construction industry. The program emphasizes studies in design, technology, and management. The long-standing reputation of the program rests in part on this unique emphasis of the curriculum.

The curriculum is structured around four themes: introduction and context, preparation (tools and elements), integration and concentration/specialization/transition. The first three years of the program provide students with a common foundation. The final year offers three different options, Architecture, Building Science and Project Management. The initial years place students in a position to make informed choices of option, and they are encouraged to do so as early as possible.

  • The Architecture option offers a technical base with a focus on architectural design principles. Students also learn about program planning, design, presentation techniques, and contract documentation.
  • The Building Science option offers a more detailed technical base of studies including the selection and design of building construction assemblies, the evaluation of their suitability and performance, and construction and technical drawings.
  • The Project Management option examines the managerial and economic aspects of construction projects, including the planning, organization, management, supervision and control of the process.

Architectural Science students may find employment in the following industries:

  • Design, documentation, and management of projects in architectural, engineering, environmental management and planning firms
  • Production, marketing, sales, research, development, testing, and evaluation of building products or systems in material fabrication, product manufacturing and construction firms
  • Office and field supervision in trade, general construction organizations
  • Development and management of real estate/planning/conservation feasibility studies; environmental and management strategy planning
  • Local, regional, provincial, federal and international government agencies
  • Post graduate education and research


Need more Information?

For questions about the job application process, co-op fees, potential employers, typical co-op employment rates etc. please contact the Co-op Co-ordinator.

Griffith D'Souza
Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 3727
Location: COP-104

Hui For questions about academic matters such as: co-op admission requirements, requests for alternate work and academic term sequences, when to apply to get into co-op, grades for co-op work terms, work term reports etc. please contact the Faculty Advisor.

Associate Professor Vincent Hui
416-979-5000 ext. 7962
Location: ARC-314


  • Gow Hastings Architects Inc.
  • Partisans
  • Nova Tayona Architects
  • PLANT Architect Inc.
  • IBI Group
  • Canon Design
  • RAW Design



  • Architectural Assistant
  • Site Quality Inspector
  • Architectural Intern
  • Capital Projects Co-op Student




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