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Getting Started

General Employer Requirements

If you’re new to hiring a Ryerson co-op student, the information below will help you to understand what’s required to participate in the program. If you have any questions about this information, or our process, please contact us

  • Provide safe working conditions, supervision, training and evaluation for the co-op students
  • Ensure that jobs and places of work are in compliance with all relevant government statutes and legislation
  • Assume responsibility for the co-op student, as you would for any other full time employee during the period of co-op employment
  • Where possible, accommodate a site visit (or telephone/Skype call) from Ryerson Co-op staff during the student's work term
  • Complete and submit an Evaluation of each student's performance
  • Consult with the Ryerson Co-op Office prior to undertaking any disciplinary action with a co-op student
  • Where applicable, inform the student and the Co-op Office of the intention to rehire prior to the end of the work term

Job Requirements

A normal co-op work term consists of a 16 week (4 month), full-time (35 - 40 hours per week), paid work experience related to a student's area of study. Students complete 3 - 5 work terms (depending on the program) to fulfill their co-op requirements.

In addition to the above, for a work experience to qualify for co-op it must be:

  • approved by the University/Co-op Office
  • productive work
  • monitored by the University/Co-op Office
  • supervised and evaluated by the employer

Work Term Requirements

Evaluation of student performance

During the work term, the Co-op Office or student will provide the employer with a form to evaluate the student’s performance. The workplace supervisor is asked to complete and submit the evaluation.

Work Term Report

Students are also required to write a Work Term Report that outlines:

  • the nature of the work that they have done/are doing
  • their particular duties
  • their role in the organization
  • the concepts that have been learned during the work experience

Employers should review students' work term reports prior to submission.
It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the Work Term Report & Employer Evaluation is submitted to the respective Co-op Faculty Advisor at Ryerson by the deadlines specified for grading.

Confidential Work Term Reports

In cases where the student has worked on a project that is confidential and the company does not wish to expose sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information, the employer is asked to complete a Confidential Evaluation of Work Term Report, available from the Office of Co-operative Education.