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Co-op Admission Requirements

With the exception of the Chemical engineering co-op program, admission to optional co-op programs is competitive. Students apply and are admitted based on their cumulative grade points average (CGPA). Some programs may require additional information such as a resume and/or a statement of interest.

In addition, students must have a CLEAR academic standing and meet the stated minimum CGPA at the end of second/third year. To stay in the co-op program, students must maintain a CLEAR academic standing and meet the minimum CGPA requirement.

*Where differences exists between information on this site and the current Ryerson calendar, the information provided in the current calendar shall take precedence.

  Minimum CGPA
requirement by end of second/third year*
Resume, Cover Letter,
Current Transcript or Online Form Submission
Architectural Science Top 20 Students No
Biology 2.5 Yes
Biomedical Sciences 2.67 Yes
Chemistry 2.5 Yes
Computer Science 3.0 Yes
Contemporary Science 2.5 Yes
Financial Mathematics 3.0 Yes
Mathematics and Its Applications 3.0 Yes
Medical Physics 3.0 Yes
Occupational Health & Safety 2.67 Yes
Public Health & Safety 2.67 Yes


*CGPA requirements may fluctuate from year to year. Students are advised to contact the Co-op Team or the Faculty Advisor for current GPA information. Space in the co-op option is limited and subject to competition. Grades above the minimum may be required for admission.