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How Co-op Works


Co-op provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the workplace. For employers, students bring new ideas, fresh perspectives and enthusiasm to the workplace.

One co-op work term consists of a 16-week (4 month), full-time (35-40 hours per week), paid work experience related to a student's area of study. Students must successfully complete 4 work terms in order to graduate. As part of their work term requirement, students must also complete a work term report and be given an evaluation of their performance by the employer.

Securing a co-op job is a competitive process. Co-op students are not "placed" -- they must apply for the job like they would for any job. The co-op program does not guarantee you employment. While the Co-op Team will do its best to help students with their job search, students must commit to the job search process in order to be successful in finding work.


Student Responsibilities in the Co-op Program

Co-op students are expected to:

  • Behave ethically and professionally and follow Ryerson's Codes of Academic Integrity and Conduct during the hiring process and while on work terms. Failure to do so may result in removal from the Co-op Program
  • Abide by the policies and procedures of the employer as well as the policies and procedures of Ryerson University including the student code of non-academic conduct  and the policies of the Ryerson Career & Co-op Centre which includes the co-op student agreement.
  • Fulfill the entire time commitment required for each co-operative education work term (normally four consecutive months).
  • Consult your Co-op Program Specialist regarding any issues/difficulties with the employer immediately (e.g harassment, workplace safety concerns, etc.)
  • Contact your Co-op Program Specialist prior to making any decision affecting their employer and/or employment.
  • Ensure that the employer completes an Employer Evaluation form prior to the end of the work term in order to receive credit for the work term.
  • At the end of every co-op term, students are required to write a Work Term Report describing what they have accomplished during their co-op term and what they have learned in the process - you may obtain the guidelines from your Co-op Program Specialist.
  • Where required, collaborate with the employer to compensate time missed from attending mandatory co-op interviews for the following semester.
  • Inform the Co-op Team at the Ryerson Career & Co-op Centre of your intentions for the next scheduled work term (returning to previous employer, participating in co-op interview process, arranging own position, graduating, etc.). 
  • Provide a signed employment contract by both parties to be added to your student profile.