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Co-op Photo Contest

Showcasing students co-op experiences through a lens of a camera

During the summer term, the Office of Co-operative Education was on the hunt for photographs that showcase and illustrate various aspects of a student’s Co-op work term experiences. The contest was open to all co-op students who were in a work term. The photographs can capture moments at work, with co-workers and colleagues in social situations, or adventuring in new places where you have relocated for your co-op term.

The results? More than 30 images were received and they blew the judges away! The images and descriptions tell a rich story of experience as a Ryerson co-op student. Whether they are conducting a workplace inspection or canoeing in Algonquin Park, the judges were very impressed with all the entries.

The judges had a challenging task selecting the winning images, but after much deliberation, the Co-op Office are pleased to present the winners of the first ever Co-op Photo Contest!

Look for more Photo Contest notices in the coming months!

Photo Contest 2015-2016

1st Place Winner: Ricky, Public Health & Safety 

$200 Gift Card to Toronto Eaton Centre (Cadillac Fairview)

House of Commons/Parliament Hill

Working at the House of Commons as a Junior Occupational Health and Safety Advisor.

2nd Place Winner: Kyle, Biomedical Sciences 

$100 Gift Card to Toronto Eaton Centre (Cadillac Fairview).

Sunset at Cheticamp - Cape Breton, Ending the day on the west side of the Cabot Trail

3rd Place Winner: Raghed, Occupational Health & Safety

$50 Gift Card to Toronto Eaton Centre (Cadillac Fairview)

Sanofi Pasteur - North York, ON

Under Construction

Aesha, Biology

Conducting a western blot of mouse plasma samples to identify the presence of neutrophil extracellular traps using MPO and LL37 antibodies.



Working at CIBC for the first work term has been such a great experience. Meeting new co-workers who are in the same program has been great.

Lastly, working for a great company and management for the summer has been the best experience! CIBC has been committed in involving COOP students in social events. Our team won 1st place in the amazing race competition held in May!


Briana, Architectural Science

An office site visit to one of our buildings under construction. Here is a view of the Aura tower from one of the units.

Ryan, Business Technology Management

Posing in front of two of my customer’s houses. My co-op is in a direct sales position where I meet directly with customers. Today I was recognized as my team’s #1 performer, as shown in the scoreboard.

Rachel, Occupational Health & Safety

The Rideau Canal locks in Ottawa Ontario

Photo Contest 2014-2015

Melissa, Biology at Pharmaceutical conference in Los Angeles, California.


Guillian, Chemical Engineering

Monitoring environmental impacts of solar farms in Newboro, Ontario.


Raghed, Occupational Health & Safety

Had the chance to meet Chris Hadfield at the WSPS Partners in Prevention 2015 Safety Conference with the ATS Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC).


Musammat, Chemical Engineering

MOFX Time Lapse at Ryerson University. 

Finding my answers through what i do best – “Experimentation”


Azra, Computer Science


Participating in a meeting with co-workers


Abdalla, Chemical Engineering

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories – Chalk River, ON.

Jumping off a 200 ft crane over the Ottawa River during my spare time


Farrukh, Business Technology Management

Providing an overview of the project scope for the July 2015 software release.


Photo Contest 2013-2014

1st place: Aleem, Chemical Engineering

$200 towards a purchase at Future Shop/Best Buy/Henry’s
Alberta is all about adventure

1st place winner

2nd place: Farheen, Chemical Engineering

$100 towards a purchase at Future Shop/Best Buy/Henry’s
Calibrating the influx air monitor by pressurizing end caps for a constant differential pressure to maintain proper filtration

2nd place

3rd place: Terry, Business Technology Management

$50 towards a purchase at Future Shop/Best Buy/Henry’s
Tracing Fiber Cable in the Test Data Centre at RBC

3rd place

Navneet, Chemical Engineering
Picture was taken at the Takakkaw Falls which is the second highest waterfall in Western Canada and third highest in the entire country!


runner up at mountain

Troy, Occupational Health & Safety
Giving a few pointers on proper lifting, vs. improper lifting. (Your back will thank you in 20 years!)


runner up carrying boxes

Abdalla, Chemical Engineering
Doing a daily walk-down and taking readings for a boiler in the powerhouse on site at AECL


runner up at electical control wall

Michael, Computer Science
Removing Daily Backup Tape from Backup Storage System in Server Rack in Ukrainian Credit Union’s Data Centre


runner up at control panel

Ana, Occupational Health & Safety
Going out into the field is a regular part of a career in OHS


runner up on ladder

Farrukh, Business Technology Management
I have grasped the essential knowledge of CondoControlCentral and am ready to apply my knowledge towards making my clients’ lives easier


runner up at reception