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Work Term Requirements

To receive a grade for your co-op work terms, students need to:

  • Register for the appropriate Work Term course codes
  • Where possible, participate in a work site visit
  • Complete and submit Work Term Report
  • Complete and submit Employer’s Evaluation on Co-op Student Performance


Register for the Appropriate Work Term Course Codes

Registration in WKT courses is important for the University to have a record of student enrollment for funding purposes and to provide the proper health and insurance protection for students.

Students can enroll in the work term (WKT) courses for their respective program during the course selection/intention period or open enrollment periods on RAMSS. If the work term course codes are not available, students are advised to check with the Departmental Assistant in the academic program or the Co-op Office.

Enrollment in the WKT courses during course intention/selection does not trigger a course fee. Co-op fees are assessed according to the payment schedule noted in the [co-op fees].

Each co-op work term course will be assigned a pass or fail grade by the Faculty Advisor based on the assessment of the Work Term Report and performance evaluation by the employer.

Work Term Report

Co-op positions are not just jobs with which students pay their way through university. They are an integral part of the students' learning. Work term reports are the means with which students can reflect on what they have learned and experienced in the workplace.

Each program has specific work term report guidelines and submission deadlines. Students should check with the Co-op Office or their PlacePro accounts for details.

Co-op work terms are graded on a Pass/Fail basis and recorded on each student's academic record. The student's work term report and employer evaluation are used by the Co-op Faculty Advisor to assign a grade following each co-op work term.

Employer’s Evaluation of Co-op Student

Employer’s Evaluation form is used to measure student’s performance during the work term. The form is completed by the supervisor or the person in the best position to evaluate the student during the work term. The evaluation is normally reviewed with the student prior to submission for the student's personal and career development.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the form is submitted to the Faculty Advisor.

Work Site Visit

Where possible the Co-op Office staff will visit students during their work terms. The work site visit is normally conducted near the mid-point of the student’s work term. The visit includes a discussion of the student’s performance with the employer/supervisor and a discussion with the student.

In cases where an in-person visit is not possible, it may be done by telephone or video conference/Skype.

Taking courses while on a work term

While on a work term, the students’ primary responsibility is to their employer and their duties. Students who want to take courses need the approval of their employer and are limited to one course per work term. Students are also required to notify their Faculty Advisor if they will be enrolling in a course. The course should be taken outside of work hours i.e. night school. It is not acceptable for students to request time away from work for projects, group activities, and exams or studying when completing a course during a work term.