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A Ryerson communication member looking at the RyersonSafe mobile app on their smartphone.

RyersonSafe is the university’s new tool for mass notification that will send alerts in urgent situations that pose an immediate safety or security risk to the community.

The system is supplied by an external organization called AppArmor.

In an urgent situation on campus, we want to increase the likelihood that you receive the latest information about what is happening as soon as possible. This way, you can make informed decisions that prioritize your personal safety.

These kinds of systems are becoming common in Canadian colleges and universities, and are part of the university’s commitment to proactively plan for rare but possible emergency situations.

RyersonSafe will be used in active and urgent situations that require your immediate attention because they have the potential to:

  • result in serious harm to people;
  • cause substantial damage to property; and/or 
  • disrupt the usual activities of the university.

RyersonSafe will broadcast information in situations like:

  • campus closures due to severe weather;
  • building evacuations because of infrastructure- or security-related issues; and/or
  • the rare case of an active threat situation and the call to Get out. Hide. Fight.

While RyersonSafe will be used primarily for situations happening on campus or in close proximity to a Ryerson-owned or -occupied buildings, there may be some off-campus incidents in which the system will be used. 

In those cases, the executive director of Community Safety and Security will determine on a case-by-case basis if the size and severity of the incident has a likelihood of impacting Ryerson community, property or operations and warrants the use of the system.

Alerts will be broadcast on six communications channels

While alerts will broadcast to all six channels, the fastest way to get the information you need is through both the RyersonSafe mobile app and text messages.

In particular, alerts pushed to the mobile app travel over both WiFi and cellular networks, and have the potential to reach users faster than other communications channels.

Learn more about each channel

Alerts point to one single source of information

When an alert is sent out, the RyersonSafe system will generate an accompanying web page that will act as the single source of information. This page will be hosted by AppArmor (the mass notification system supplier) on their servers. Alerts to your device, email, on the website banner and Twitter will point to this page for all the details we have available for you.

The aim is to get you the information you need to make informed decisions, which means you may receive multiple alerts within the span of a few minutes.

The source of information page include all details about a specific safety alert on campus.

Each time a new alert is sent, a new source of information page will be generated. We encourage you to pay attention to the date and time stamp on the alert so you know when it was sent. 

When the issue is resolved, an “all clear” notification will be sent

RyersonSafe alerts provide the latest and most up-to-date information. When an issue has been resolved, we will send an alert stating the issue is all clear.


If you have technical questions about using the RyersonSafe app for COVID-19 health screening or submitting your proof of vaccination, please contact For more information about COVID-19 vaccinations at Ryerson and related frequently asked questions, visit the Vaccinations page on the COVID-19 website.  

For any other questions about RyersonSafe, please contact Lindsay Canning, Community Safety and Security, at or 416-979-5000, ext. 553076.

For general questions about Community Safety and Security, please email or call 416-979-5040.