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Convocation Checklist for Students

 In order to be eligible to graduate, an Application to Graduate must be submitted if you are enrolled in your final course, semester or year of study. You must apply by the deadline date for either Fall or Spring Convocation, in order to be considered for graduation.
If you are attempting to RSVP to your convocation ceremony, please note that you may only do so once your eligibility to graduate is confirmed (which will happen in late August).

 Examine and verify your official name – the name listed on your student account in RAMSS will appear on your graduation award document. To make changes to your name, please go to the Identity Management and Personal Information page.

 Meet all your program requirements in order to become eligible to graduate. Curriculum Advising will notify you of your eligibility vie email by the end of May. You can also check your status by logging into your RAMSS account.

 Check the convocation schedule to find out the date and time of your ceremony.

 RSVP to attend your convocation ceremony.

 Ensure your guests have their tickets. You can print out hard copies or forward them electronically to download on their mobile devices.

 Review your RAMSS account to ensure that all outstanding fees are cleared so your grades are not withheld.

 Pre-order your convocation video.

 Grad Photos & Class Composites, external link are a service provided by the Ryerson Students' Union.  

 Double check the convocation schedule to verify the date and time of your ceremony.

 Print your RSVP confirmation or upload it onto your phone.

 Ensure that you have your ONE Card or student number ready for check in.

 Please leave bigger personal belongings with your guest(s). It may be uncomfortable to hold and process into the arena, or across stage with personal items, and you may not be returning to your original seat once you cross. 

 There will be a coat-check in the line up area. Please note that this area is unsupervised. Leave belongings at your own discretion.

 Arrive to the Mattamy Athletic Centre on time (8:45 a.m. for 10:30 a.m. ceremony; 1:45 p.m. for 3:30 p.m. ceremony) for your ceremony to pick up your name card and regalia. The graduand procession starts 30 minutes before the ceremony, so it is very important for you to arrive on time.

 Ensure that you are wearing comfortable shoes! You will be standing and walking for a total of about 1.5 hours before the ceremony commences.

 Once you arrive, please check in with your RSVP Confirmation, or your ONE Card. When you check in, you will be given a namecard.

 Next, you will pick up your regalia (hood and gown), and make yourself look impeccable for your big day! You will then be asked to line up numererical order based on the namecard given to you at check in. 

 The line marshals will give you instructions for the procession. The procession starts 30 minutes before the ceremony and will involve walking up two flights of stairs. Please ensure that you are wearing comfortable shoes.

 Once you are processed into the Convocation Arena, you will be seated. Soon after, the AcademicProcession will enter and the ceremony will officially begin.

 Row by row, you will be invited to cross the stage. Please ensure that you hold onto your name card so that your name will be read properly as you cross the stage. Theatre marshals will guide you through the entire process. 

 You will be asked to cross the stage! It's your moment to shine!

 A photographer from Lifetouch, external link will take a picture of each graduate as they cross the stage. You will be emailed your login information to view your proofs shortly after convocation. If you did not give your photo consent during the RSVP process you will not be sent proofs.

 You will then pick up your documents before you go back to your seat. Please note, that you may not return to the same seat you were sitting in before you crossed the stage.

 Finally, you will be processed out of the Convocation Arena once the ceremony has ended! You will need to go up one last flight of stair, but otherwise, congratulations!

 Post-ceremony receptions are held in the reception lounge for all graduates and their guests. Receptions include light refreshments. Enjoy and celebrate!

 Make sure you make your way to the RSU table (in the the first floor lobby) to pick-up your class composite! If you are unable to make it, contact the RSU for details on picking up a composite.

  Please return your regalia to Grad Gown Return no later than one hour after your ceremony. If you do not return your gown and hood you will be invoiced $300. You will not be able to obtain transcripts until payment is made or the regalia is returned in good condition.

 Share your Ryerson pride on social media using #RoadFromRyerson.

Not Attending Convocation?

If you are not attending convocation, you may Graduate in Absentia. You can pick up your document on campus or arrange to it have couriered to you by logging into your RAMMS account and submitting an Online Graduation Document Courier Request.  Your award document will be made available for pick-up at the ServiceHub, POD150 after July 1 for spring convocation and after November 1 for fall convocation.

If you are unable to pick up your document yourself you may authorize someone else to pick it up on your behalf.  You must provide this individual with a letter of authorization, which must include: your signature, your full name, your student number, your program name, term of graduation, and the full name of the person you are authorizing to pick up your document. The individual picking up your document must also provide photo identification proving they are the person stated in the authorization letter.