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Ryerson University continues to monitor the impacts of COVID-19 on convocation. Ceremonies are postponed until it is permitted to safely hold large public gatherings again. Please refer to the Graduation and Convocation section of Ryerson’s central COVID-19 website as this situation continues to evolve.

Regalia Guidelines

Guidelines for academic regalia at convocation

The purpose of Ryerson University’s guidelines for academic regalia at convocation is to allow for inclusion while maintaining the tradition of academic regalia.

General protocol:

  • Graduands are to wear the appropriate gown and hood for the degree being conferred at the convocation ceremony.
  • Graduands from certificate programs wear blue bachelor gowns without a hood.
  • Graduands from professional master’s diploma programs wear black master’s gowns without a hood. 
  • At Ryerson mortarboards are only worn by graduands receiving their PhD.

Exceptions and other considerations:

  • Indigenous graduands are encouraged to wear their traditional attire to convocation. They may choose to wear the academic gown and hood over top of their traditional attire, they may choose to wear only the hood, or they may choose to participate wearing only their traditional attire.
  • Graduands who are in the Canadian Armed Forces, police services or fire and emergency services may choose to wear their uniform without an academic gown. The hood should still be worn and placed directly on the uniform or carried over the left arm.
  • Along with their academic regalia, graduands may wear honour cords signifying their academic achievements.
  • Cultural groups on campus are permitted to wear academic stoles as a symbol of cultural pride. It is required that the Ceremonials Office be made aware of any group’s intention to do this.
  • Items that are not permitted to be worn over or along with academic regalia are: country flags, sports team fan items (flags, hats, scarves etc.), student group buttons or other items affixed to the gown or hood. If a graduand is wearing any of these items along with their academic regalia they will be asked to remove it.
A volunteer showing PhDs how to properly hood themselves.
Three students after their ceremony.