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What's New in Brightspace at Ryerson

What's New - Fall 2021

This page is the home for news and resources for teaching using D2L Brightspace. Throughout the term, we will add information about new features, upcoming workshops and more.

Faculty & instructors

Explore the Remote Teaching hub, designed to help faculty and instructors prepare their courses for fall remote delivery. 



Explore the Continuity of Learning Guide, which provides instructions on how to join online classes and adapt to new learning processes while away from campus.

In late July, D2L made some changes to how you grade rubrics in Assignments. Now, when you click on the rubric name, you will see the rubric in the right-hand panel. 

This new view makes use of sliders to indicate the level of achievement. Once a level is selected, you will see a checkmark appear, and the mark will be indicated in the lower right, just below that criteria slider. 

Alternatively, there is a button that allows you to "pop out" the rubric into a new window. This view will give you the full rubric evaluation view, and is recommended for people who have the benefit of two monitors a lot of screen real estate.

In late July, D2L removed the Introduction field from Quizzes because the Introduction and Description fields were used in very similar ways. 

If you have copied a course shell with quizzes that were created prior to July, the content in the Introduction and Description fields have been merged into the Description field. Please review any content in the Description field as it may require some editing.

If you have a quiz that contains both questions that are autograded AND questions that you need to grade manually AND your quiz has the "Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion" option disabled, a new Pending Evaluation status appears beside the quiz attempt on the Grade Quiz page.

This serves as an excellent visual reminder that you need to grade part of a quiz.

Once you've graded the outstanding questions, make sure to publish graded attempts to the gradebook, as that will not happen automatically. 

At the end of February, Brightspace introduced a new "Accommodations" feature in the Classlist tool that will allow instructors to set quiz accommodations for their students.

This new feature sets accommodations on a per-student basis, that will be applied to all quiz activities in the course. This is in addition to the existing "Special Access" feature (in both Quizzes and Assignments) that allows instructors to change access settings for individual assessments. 

Quiz-specific Special Access settings can be used to override accommodations, if required.

The quiz accommodations will include:

  • Modified time limit, either as a multiplier of the original quiz time (i.e. 1.5 times) or as a set amount of added time (i.e. 30 minutes)
  • Always allow right-click during a quiz

Here is a collection of new documents and updated documents related to the use of D2L Brightspace at Ryerson University.

Due to the changing nature of our teaching and learning practice, our resources are regularly updated.

We'll do our best to add links here!

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