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Summer 2017 Update

A clean look and feel, and responsive design

As we first announced back in April, D2L Brightspace underwent a cosmetic change on June 22, 2017 at 6:00 a.m.

This change gives Brightspace a modern and clean look and feel - D2L refers to this change as "external,Daylight".  While it may look different, the site’s tools continue to work as they did before.

The main differences can be found on the Brightspace homepage, with the way you find your courses.

Why was this change necessary?

Aside from the obvious changes to the look of the site, there were some very important changes behind the scenes. This change introduces a responsive design, which allows D2L Brightspace to provide a consistent experience for all users, whether you’re accessing Brightspace from a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Ryerson is a busy campus that always has courses running. After consulting with representatives of different groups on campus, the change was scheduled for a date that had the lowest possible impact on the community.

Finding your courses

The biggest change is on the homepage, where the My Courses area has been completely redesigned to provide a more visual experience.

The "My Courses" area is made up of current courses that have been "pinned" to appear in the homepage. Each user has the ability to choose which courses appear here, and can choose to "unpin" any courses that are no longer required on the homepage.

When in doubt, it is always possible to find your course in the "Select a Course" dropdown at the top of the page.

For more information on logging in and finding your courses: My Brightspace Essentials

Course image & course banner

Each D2L course shell will be represented by a course image. D2L has a large selection of images to choose from, but each Instructor may choose to upload their own image.

Instructors also have the ability to enable the course image as a banner that appears in the homepage.

Instructors may choose from a collection of images provided by D2L, or may upload their own.

For more information: Modify the course name and images

A new way to make a shell "active"

In the redesign of the "My Courses" area, D2L has also added a quick link to the Instructor tool used to make your course shell "active". 

Simply move your mouse over the course image for a course, click the icon that appears, and click the "Course Offering Information" link to go directly to the tool without entering the course.


For more information on making your shell 'active': Provide access to students

The details

  • When did the change happen? 
    On June 22, 2017 at 6:00 a.m. D2L was available during the change, as no system outage was required.


If you have any questions about what will happen, feel free to contact us!.