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FAQ for Instructors

FAQ for Instructors


  1. Inside the course you wish to change the name of, go to Edit Course > Site Setup section > Course Offering Information
  2. Here, you will be able to modify the display name as needed. Please be sure to retain the general format ( ABC123 - Course Name - F2017).
  3. Save to complete.

Multiple Sections

You can have multiple sections under one course shell. You only have to request one shell and select the sections (or provide to the help desk if they are not yet known, or in the list) to be included and the students loaded. Within D2L, you can easily filter by section within your course, for example you can filter by section number to see grades for only one section of students at a time, as well as release assignments for a specific section, and set up section specific due dates.

This is optional, and you can also continue requesting one course shell per section if you prefer.


Since we will be migrating two years of course materials from Blackboard to D2L, you will be able to request a copy of content from any course run since Fall 2013.

Modules make it possible for instructors to centralize and organize all course content and materials that students will need access to throughout the semester. Instructors can think of them like folders and can organize content, and title modules by: topic, chapter, week, content file types (example: quizzes, readings, photos).

Modules can also be configured by instructors to include prerequisite requirements (release conditions) for individual pieces of content to be released, and for mandatory viewing of content in sequential order.

You can export all of your content modules or just one module from one course to another. Click here for a tutorial on copying modules from one course to another.


Yes, you can send emails within D2L to sections or specific students. Click here for a tutorial on emailing students

No, but you can select to receive a copy of all messages you send so you have them in your email. Click here for a tutorial on receiving copies of outgoing emails. 

If you receive an error notification while trying to email your students, ensure your course is active. You cannot communicate with students through Brightspace by D2L when your course is inactive. Click here for a tutorial on making your course shell available to students.

At this time an email message is not automatically sent to all students when a new announcement is posted by the instructor. Ryerson has submitted a feature request to D2L to allow for this option. Instructors can send emails to students using the email classlist. Also, those students who have set their notifications, will receive an email when new announcements have been posted.

Course Administration

Yes. There are a two options to view your course as a student.  You can continue using your existing “dummy student” account to login and navigate your D2L course.  If you would like to request a dummy student account, or to enroll your existing dummy student into your D2L course(s), email indicating you need a dummy student account and which which course(s) the sample student should be enrolled in.

Secondly, there is a built in way in D2L to preview your course as a student called Role Switch. Using the Role Switch tool shows an instructor what an “average” student sees in their course. It’s an easy quick way to preview how content and other items such as news and announcements appear to a student. Click here for a tutorial on previewing your course through Role Switch.

Adding students: Once you have provided us with your section numbers, your students will automatically be enrolled based on their registration. You do not add your students manually. Please see the Add users page for more details.

Adding other users: To learn about adding other users to your course, check out our Add Users page.

Viewing the Classlist

The Classlist tool provides you with a list of students in your course, which can be filtered by Groups or by Sections.

Once you have entered your D2L course shell, click the Classlist link in the menu bar at the top.

If you have changed your course shell look and feel, you may have a different navigation bar. You can always find your Classlist by going to Edit Course, then Classlist (in the Learner Management section).

If you last viewed your Classlist tool with one of the filters enabled, you may not see a complete list of students. Here’s how to switch it back to view the entire class list.

  1. Make sure you are in your course, in the Classlist tool.
  2. Click the All tab at the top of the tool, to ensure you are viewing that tab page.
  3. The first option, “View By”, should be set to “User”. If it isn’t, click the arrow and select it from the dropdown list.


Click the Apply button to save the change. You should now be able to see a list of students in this course shell at the bottom of the screen.

It’s probably best to download your class list from RAMSS, as it is the most up-to-date. There is a Print option in the D2L Classlist tool, which you may be able to save to a file (depending on your computer setup).

Alternatively, you can download the list of students from the Grades tool. Click here for a tutorial on downloading your classlist from the Grades tool.

Grading and Assessment

It is possible for an Instructor (or TA) to preview a quiz and grade the attempt. Please note that you will not see Instructors or TAs in the Grades tool - only by grading the specific Quiz, in the Quiz tool.

Quizzes that were imported will carry over whatever settings the quiz had previously by default. If the exported quiz was active, then it will be active by default when it is imported. When a quiz is active, this means it is not hidden to your students. To prevent students seeing the quiz upon importing, we recommend you review the settings of the quiz you are about to import by looking into the settings of where the quiz originated from and change the status there (e.g. make the quiz inactive or set the dates to be in the past.

The Create a quiz > Set availability and timing page provides details on configuring quiz availability to students.

You can not enter letter grades into D2L. Ryerson has submitted a feature request to allow for this option.

There is no option to sort by a specific field when exporting grades from D2L. Ryerson has submitted a feature request asking for this capability. The workaround is to use Microsoft Excel, or Google Spreadsheets to choose how to sort the exported grades file.