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Enable Turnitin Feedback Studio® for assignments

New updates on Turnitin as of August 1, 2017

FAQ for Turnitin

If I allow an unlimited number of submissions for my assignment folder, will the originality be checked against previous submissions?

If a student uploads a new submission after previously submitting a file to the assignment, the new submission will not be checked against any previous submission. This means the new submission will not receive an originality report score of 100%. This is true whether or not the file name is different, or if the assignment is submitted before or after the due date.


How do students view any Feedback Studio comments in Turnitin?

Students can access their markup document from the Progress tool in D2L. Full instructions for students on accessing Feedback Studio comments are available here.


Why are students able to see their Feedback Studio comments before the post date for release?

If you allow your students to see their Turnitin Similarity Scores right away, students will be able to view their submission in Turnitin by clicking on the Originality Score. From there, they can click on Feedback Studio in Turnitin and potentially see your comments prematurely. To avoid this, uncheck "Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores " until you are ready to release feedback. 

Enable Turnitin® Feedback Studio for assignments

You can enable Turnitin Feedback Studio while creating a new (or editing an existing) assignment.

All Turnitin settings can be found in Assessment > Assignments. Click on the downward-facing arrow beside your assignment name, and choose Edit Submission Folder. Then, click on the Turnitin tab.

  1. Click to Enable Turnitin for this folder. This will automatically run all submissions to that assignment through Turnitin.
  2. Click on More Options in Turnitin to adjust more settings.
  3. Select Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores in their submission folder if you wish students to view this detail. (This is also an easy way to ensure that students will be able to view any Turnitin feedback that you publish.)
  4. Changing the Feedback Studio Available to Learners date will control when students will be able to view their marked up Turnitin document.

    Note: If you allow students to see their Turnitin Similarity Score, they may be able to prematurely view your Markup comments before the post date. We recommend unchecking "Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores" until you're ready to release the Markup comments.
  5. Click on Save and Close to save your settings.

More options in Turnitin Feedback Studio®

  1. Assignment folder title is populated from the main tab.
    Type in any Instructions for students submitting the assignment.
    Set the Max Gradefor this assignment.
    Set the Start Date when students can begin submitting files. Set the Due Date to determine the exact time the assignment is due. Also, you can set the Feedback Release Date to indicate when students will receive any feedback that you have added to their assignments.
  2. Under Optional Settings, you can adjust a variety of settings to allow late submissions, adjust Originality Report settings, add rubrics, as well as save your settings for use on future assignments.


View originality report in Turnitin Feedback Studio®

  1. When viewing submissions within an assignment, click on the name of the assignment to open the file in the document viewer.

    Click Markup Document. This will open the file in Turnitin.
  1. Here, you can view the originality report and score.


Note: The editable grade box in the top right corner of Turnitin is not connected back to the assignment. Any changes made here will not be reflected in the assignment or grade book item. Students, however, will be able to see any comments or text markups left in the document.