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About the awards tool

Awards tool overview

What is the awards tool?

The awards tool allows Instructors to issue badges or certificates to their students. These awards can be given ad-hoc (manually), or Release Conditions may be set up to issue badges based on course-related merit (completion of a task, grade achievement, etc.).

Who can issue awards in a course?

  • Instructors & TAs can create and manage the awards for a course. This allows them to create new awards (badges & certificates), modify awards and delete them.

  • Instructors, TAs and Graders may issue and revoke awards to individuals in a course. This allows them to award individual students, and also revoke the award if required. As Graders are not permitted to create or modify awards, they are not able to set up Release Conditions for the automatic issuance of awards.


How to find the awards tool in your course shell

You will find the Awards tool in the Assessment dropdown menu.
  1. Look in the nav bar of your course - you will find the Awards tool in the Assessment dropdown menu. Students will use this link to access the tool (but you can use it, too).

Note: If you do not see Awards in the top navigation, under Assessment, please review our tutorial to learn how to enable course tools.


How students access their course awards

Awards tool - student views

Students can view their awards in a few different ways:

  1. When a new award is issued, they will receive a pop-up the next time they access D2L.
Awards tool - student views
  1. In a specific course shell, they can go to the Awards tool (to be accessed via the Assessment link group in the nav bar).
  2. Students may also receive an email Notification when they receive a new Award.