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Preview your course as a student

Set Course as Active
  1. In your Course Home page, locate your name at the top right of the screen in the minibar and click the drop down arrow to the right of your name to see the menu. Click on the View as Student button.
Set Course as Active
  1. Now when you click the drop down arrow to the right of your name, you will see “Viewing as Student”, and now you will now be able to preview your course as a student.
  2. When finished, follow the steps above but click “x” beside the Viewing as Student to return to the instructor view.

Note: This option does not disable your editing rights. Therefore all editing options will still appear to you. However, students will not see any editing options. The benefit of this option is that enables you, as the instructor, to continue editing your course while seeing your course as your students will see it.

Warning: Some tools may not show a complete or accurate view as a student because using the role switch does not represent a real user in the course. For example, there is no place for the instructor to see a quiz attempt or a file submitted to an assignment folder. Additionally, the role switch “student” will not show items with restrictions or release conditions set such as Discussions, Quizzes, or Assignment folders restricted by date, or released by group.

A special note about Grades and using role switch:

Using the Role Switch, the instructor is unable to see actual scores in Grades, since there is neither grade data nor an actual user associated with this view. The instructor will only be able to see the names of the grade items and the denominator (total points) value for each item.