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View past course shells

Did you know...

After the term has ended, we transition access to course shells so that:

  • The Instructor(s) in the course shell get switched to Instructor (RO) - this is a read-only role that will allow Instructors to view their course, and most of the student activity that ran during that term, but does not allow changes to be made.

  • The other users in the course can no longer see the course shell.


We keep your course shells in D2L for two years, after which they are removed permanently.

Please note: Certain features of D2L will only apply to users who are currently 'active' in the course shell. For example, you cannot email students from a D2L shell and you cannot view the students' full Progress results if those students don't currently have access to the shell.


In this video (0:40):

(00:00) Find "My Courses"

How to view past course shells in My Courses

Viewing Past Course Shells
  1. In your D2L Brightspace My Courses Home page, note that the large images on the page represent your pinned courses, most likely your current courses.

    Just below the images, click on the View All Courses text link to see all of your courses, past and present.
Viewing Past Course Shells
  1. On this page, you can see all of your courses. Toward the bottom of the page, you can see "Unpinned" courses. Most past courses will appear here. Click on the desired course image or text link to view it.

  2. If you don't see your course listed at the top of the page, use the search box and filter options at the top of the page to find your course.


Viewing Past Course Shells

If you think you might wish to visit your past course shell frequently, perhaps to copy content for use elsewhere, consider pinning the course, so that it will appear on your My Courses page.

To pin your past course, click on the grid icon at the top of the page, then find your course in the list. It will likely be toward the bottom of the list. Click on the small pin icon to the right of the course name.

You can also just click on the course name in this dropdown list, to go directly to the course.