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Request a D2L shell (Chang online distance courses only)

Request a D2L shell (Chang online distance courses only)

What is a Brightspace "shell"?

"Shells" are the spaces in the D2L Brightspace learning system that are created for online course components and other collaborative projects ('course shells' and 'organization shells', respectively). Shells can contain attached documents, learning materials, quizzes, assignments, discussions, and more.

"course shell" is associated with a specific course, in a specific term, at Ryerson. Course shells need to be requested for each new run of the course, but you may request a copy of materials for up to 2 years.

"Organization shells" function similarly to course shells, except that they are not associated with a specific course. Organizations can be used for research groups, departmental communication, and more.

Can I use this form to request my Brightspace shell?

This is an online distance course run through the Chang School, with no classroom component.

This section is listed when I view RAMSS.

I have taught this specific course in the last 2 years, and have a previous Brightspace shell to copy.

If you're not sure, please contact the Digital Education Strategies instructor support team at

Self Serve options

The request process will result in ONE course shell, containing all of the course/sections that you specify.

1. Go to and sign in using your my.ryerson username and password.

2. Find the section called Self Service, and click on the link Courses and Organizations.

3. Once in the Courses and Organizations section, click Request and Manage Shell. The shell request options will appear on the screen.

4. Click the option to Request a new Course Shell.

At this point, depending on the types of courses you are teaching, you might see a pop-up prompt.

Click 'Yes' if...

  1. The shell you are requesting is for a Chang School online distance course (ie. with no classroom component).
  2. The course-section was listed when you checked your RAMSS account.
  3. You have taught this exact course before (within 2 years), and you want to create a D2L Brightspace course shell that is a copy of that past course shell.

Please continue to follow the step-by-step instructions below to fill out this course shell request form.

Do not proceed at all if...

The course you want to request is a Chang School online distance course (with no classroom component) that you are teaching for the first time.

Instead, email for assistance creating your course shell.

If you do not see the pop-up...

If you do not see the pop-up, the "general" request form will load immediately for you. Please do not try to fill out this request form for a Chang School distance online course shell.

That means you don't have the necessary conditions to request your own shell for this course -- and the instructor support team at will be more than happy to help you.

If you want to request a course other than your distance Chang School course...

If you are teaching a combination of types of courses, which include online and regular classroom-based courses, and you wish to request a D2L Brightspace course shell for a regular (classroom) course, click on 'No', and go to our main step-by-step instructions to request your D2L Brightspace course shell.

Course shell request - Instructor information

You'll notice your name and primary email address have already been filled in. You will receive all confirmation and communication pertaining to your course shell(s) at this email address, so please be sure to check it regularly.

Start by clicking the Select a Term menu and choosing the term that the course is going to start in.

Once you have done this, you should see your course/sections listed in Step 2 below.  

NOTE: DO NOT check the box to select a 2-term course. If you accidentally do this, please email to let them know.

After selecting the term that the course runs in, the form will display any courses that RAMSS knows you are teaching for that term.

Check the box for the course/section that you wish to be included in this one course shell.

NOTE: If you are also teaching the same course in a classroom setting (ie. undergraduate, graduate or continuing education evening classes), and need that section also included in this course shell, please check the box beside This course shell requires additional sections. This will send an email to so that they can assist you with this.

In Step 3, you should see a preview of your course shell title. The course shell title appears on every user's My Courses page, and at the top of the course shell.

You should see a title already filled in the field. You can modify the title if needed.

In step 4, click on the drop down menu to see all of your relevant course shells that are up to two years old. Simply select the one you would like to copy. This will usually be the most recent course. Look for the term in the shell code (ie. f19, p19, w19).

In Step 5, you can see confirmation of which 'type' of course this is.

The One-Stop Course Readings service for eReserve are already available for you.

If you wish to copy course readings from the previous version of this course, check the box.

Please carefully read through the Terms and Agreements section.

These pertain to Copyright acknowledgement, as well as a reminder that this request form will generate ONE course shell. You will not be able to process your shell request form until you agree.

Review what you have selected in the request form before you click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

If you try to submit and have missed any required fields, the page will reload with a warning at the top. Scroll through the page to find an error message near any missed fields.

Once you have submitted the form, a blank course shell will be created. Then, the content will be copied from your old course shell into your new shell. This can take up to several hours, so do not be alarmed if you go into your course shell right away, and you don't see the content there yet.  

If you encounter any problems with your request, please email for assistance.

I think I requested the wrong course or made some incorrect choices when filling out the form. What do I do?!
Send an email to with details of the problem.

I don't see my regular classroom-based courses (or sections) listed in Step 2 of the form. What do I do?!
The instructions on this page are for Chang online distance courses only. Please follow the instructions to find access the request form, and click on 'No' when you see the popup asking if you are trying to request a Chang School shell for an online distance course.

I accidentally selected a 2-term course shell. What do I do?
Email and tell them what you did. They will assist you.