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Download a list of students

If you just want a list of your enrolled students, it’s probably best to download your class list from RAMSS, as it is the most up-to-date.

Alternatively, you can download the list of students from the Grades tool.

 Note: If you do not see Grades in the top navigation, please review our tutorial to learn how to enable course tools.

Download a list of students
  1. In your course Grades tool, go to Enter Grades.
  2. Click the Export button.
Download a list of students
  1. Export Grade Items For:
    • All - will download all users, regardless of section. (Note that section information is NOT included in this download file).
    • Section - selecting this option (then clicking Apply) will give you the ability to isolate the students from a specific section. Select the appropriate section from the dropdown menu.
  2. Key Field - choose whether you want the Student Number (Org Defined ID) or Username or both displayed.
  3. User Details:
    • Student's Information, like First Name, Last Name and Email.
    • Student's group or section affiliations can also be included.
  4. Select or Deselect any grade items as needed.
  5. Export options:
    • If you plan to use this file to upload new grades into D2L, you must select Export to CSV.
    • If you are only using this data offline, you  may choose to Export to Excel.
Download a list of students
  1. A new window will pop-up, and it will take a minute to process. Once it has completed processing, click the export file to download it to your computer.


Some of the data appears with a pound prefix (#). The email addresses appear as expected, however.