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Enabling notifications

Notifications is a tool that allows you to enable an email alert when there are new items in your course! You can set up a notification to alert you about new content items, news/announcements, and even posted grades!

Each user is responsible for setting up email notifications for their courses - it is not something Instructors will be able to do for them.

Note: Students will still be able to receive emails sent from instructors despite their custom notification settings.

Screenshot of the Announcement page as described.
  1. To edit notifications, click your username's context menu in the top right hand corner of the navigation minibar. There, you can customize several settings:
Screenshot of the Announcement page as described.
  1. Email Address: make sure your email address is correct here, and change as needed.
  2. Summary of Activity
    • This option will email you a summary of all activity, as opposed to an instant email for each notification item.
    • Select how often you receive an email notification - Never (turns this option off), Daily (set an appropriate time).
  3. Instant Notifications
    • Review and select any area you would like to receive Email notifications
  4. Customize Notifications
    • Review the options and select any that you would like.
  5. Exclude some courses
    • You may choose the courses for which you don’t want  to receive notifications.
  6. Click Save.