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Set grade visibility

Set visibility for grade items or categories

We highly recommend hiding your grade columns at the start of term.

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. It may be upsetting for a student to see a 0 value grade (or even an F), even if they know it is too early for those grades to be official.
  2. As you begin entering grades, students may receive notification emails (if they have enabled them). Some students may contact you if they hear that their peers have received grades when they haven't yet.
  3. Also related to email notifications, some workflows may send students notifications of incomplete grades - again, leading them to believe they have achieved a 0 on an assignment.

Overall, based on feedback we have received from instructors since we began using Brightspace, setting all grade items  as 'Hidden' (or scheduled for a future date release) seems to offer the best student and instructor experience.

  1. On the Manage Grades page, click Edit from the context menu of the category or item you want to edit. The Manage Grades page allows you to see which assignments are hidden/visible. If there is a closed eye icon next to the assignment name, the assignment is currently set as hidden from students.
  1. In the Restrictions tab, select one of the following:
    • Category is always visible/Grade item is always visible: Users can see the category or item
    • Hide this category/Hide this grade item: Users can't see the category or item
    • Category is visible for a specific date range/Grade item is visible for a specific date range: Users can see the category or item during a restricted date range

  2. Note: The default restriction setting in Brightspace makes all grade items visible to students. If you do not want students to view grades as you mark grade items, you must select Hide this grade item until you are ready for students to view the item.

  3. If you select Category is visible for a specific date range/Grade item is visible for a specific date range, use the Has Start Date and Has End Date options to specify when the category or item should be visible. Select Display in Calendar to display the category or grade item in the course calendar.
  4. Click Save and Close.


Note about release conditions: If you wish to restrict access to your quiz by specific criteria, please review our tutorial about how to add or edit release conditions.