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Virtual proctoring of handwritten exams using Proctortrack

Handwritten exams can be a challenge to proctor remotely. Using the following workflow, the exam questions are presented in a D2L Brightspace Quiz, proctored using Proctortrack. While the quiz is running, the students will complete their answer on paper. Using their mobile device, they will photograph their completed response and upload it to a Brightspace Assignment.

If you are considering using this workflow to collect handwritten exams, we have outlined a timeline of recommended tasks that can help to ensure success.

Timeline of Proctortrack implementation

2-3 Weeks Before Exam Date

The "External Learning Tools" content option
  1. In “Content” add a module named “Proctortrack.” Hide this module for now. Find out more about creating content.
  2. In the new module, click on the “Existing Activities” option, and select “External Learning Tools” from the list.
Locate the "Proctortrack Dashboard" LTI link

3. Scroll down in the pop-up that appears, and click on “Proctortrack Dashboard”.

"Edit Properties in-place" feature in Content

4. A new activity will appear in the Module. Click on the drop-down arrow next to it, and select “Edit Properties In-Place”

Select to "Open as External Resource" to open in a new tab

5. Select the option that appears “Open as External Resource”.

You can now set up your Onboarding Quiz.

Quiz Properties tab settings for Proctortrack Onboarding quiz
  1. Create a quiz, and name it “ProctorTrack - Onboarding”. Find out more about creating quizzes.
  2. Under Category, click [add category], and in the pop-up that appears, type “PROCTORTRACK” and click save.
  3. Add/Edit Questions, and add a simple written response question. In the question, instruct students to write their responses on paper. Find out more about creating quiz questions.
  4. In the Introduction, please outline that this quiz is proctored and students will need to go through pre-verification steps with Proctortrack. We recommend including instructions to access the quiz through the Proctortrack dashboard in a module on the Content page.
Restriction tab settings for a "Proctortrack Onboarding" quiz

5. Click on the “Restrictions” tab.

6. Deselect “Hide from Users”

7. Set the Start Date to when you would like students to access the practice quiz – the sooner the better. 

8. Set the End Date to the End of Term.

9. Set a Password. Do not share the password with the students.

Set "unlimited" attempts for the quiz

10. Click on the Assessment tab

11. Change the Attempts Allowed to “Unlimited” - students may need to attempt the onboarding process multiple times before they pass.

12. Click “Save and Close”


Open the "Proctortrack Dashboard" link

13. Click on “Content” to return to the course content, then click on the Proctortrack module you previously created. Click on the “Proctortrack Dashboard” – it will open in a new tab.


Proctortrack dashboard

14. A list of all quizzes in your course will appear. Identify the one titled “Proctortrack – Onboarding” and click on the “Select Status” option. From here, select “Onboarding ON”

Configure the Proctortrack settings for a quiz

15. To adjust the proctoring settings for the quiz to your needs, click on the 3 vertical dots then “Go to Configuration”

Review the test settings in Proctortrack

16. Review the Identity Verification settings, and toggle on/off as necessary. 

17. In the second tab, Test Settings, be sure to enable “Allow Handwritten Notes,” “Allow Students to Take Scans or Pictures using Phone,” and “Allow students to take Scans or Upload Documents.”

Hide access code / password

18. At the bottom of the “Test Settings” list is the option to Hide Access Code/Password. It is recommended to enable this setting. 

19. When the settings match your needs, click on the Dashboard in the top right corner.

Your Onboarding Quiz is now set up! Once students begin the verification process, an Instructor will have to return to the dashboard to review any Flagged sessions.

As students will be handwriting and uploading their answers, be sure to create an “Onboarding Test Submission” assignment so that students can practice uploading files while in the onboarding environment. The Assignment configurations should allow for File Submission and for an Unlimited number of files per Assignment, since there may be more than one photo that a student needs to submit. Find out more about creating Brightspace assignments.

1-2 Weeks Before Exam

  1. Make the Proctortrack Module visible under Content. 
  2. Send an announcement to students, informing them that the Onboarding test is available and they are to complete this quiz AT LEAST a week before the actual exam date. It takes a minimum of 4 hours for the Onboarding results to be processed and may require multiple attempts. 
  3. Recommend to students that they should visit "Take an exam with Proctortrack". 
  4. Once students have completed the Onboarding Quiz and their submission is processed, they will receive an email from Proctortrack notifying them if they have passed or failed the Onboarding process. If they fail, they will be prompted to try again.

Create and set up the quiz

  1. Create a quiz. Be sure to include “Requires Proctortrack” in the title. Unlike the Onboarding Test, it is recommended to select “Hide from Users” until closer to the exam date. Find out more about creating quizzes in Brightspace
  2. Like the Onboarding Test, set the category to Proctortrack. It should already be an option in the list of Categories. 
  3. Include all exam questions as Written Responses, but do not enable inserted images and attachments. Find out more about adding quiz questions in Brightspace.
  4. Do not present the questions as one per page, and please do not disable backwards movement. 
  5. Set a Description and Introduction that makes it clear to students that they are to handwrite their responses, then upload them to a separate Assignment. 
  6. Set restrictions as needed - including the Start/End Time, and Time Limit. Find out more about setting quiz availability in Brightspace.
  7. Like the Onboarding Test, set a Password. Do not share the password with the students.

Enable the quiz with Proctortrack

8. Once your quiz is prepared, navigate to the Proctortrack module on the Content page of your course. Click on Proctortrack Dashboard, it will open in a new window. 

9. From your Quiz List, identify the actual quiz you would like proctored. From the “Select Status” option, click on “Proctoring ON.”

Enable proctoring

10. Like the Onboarding Test, click on the 3 vertical dots to adjust your settings. Be sure to enable “Allow Handwritten Notes,” “Allow Students to Take Scans or Pictures using Phone,” and “Allow students to take Scans or Upload Documents.” 

11. Be sure to opt to hide the access code/password.

12. Your quiz is now set up! The answers that students complete on paper will be uploaded to an Assignment as a File Submission. 

Opt to hide the paassword

Create the Assignment

13. Return to Brightspace to set up the Assignment. Find out more about setting up individual assignments.

  • The Assignment configurations should allow for File Submission and for an Unlimited number of files per Assignment, since there may be more than one photo that a student needs to submit.
  • On the Restrictions tab, ensure that the Start Date and Due Date align with the timing set for the Quiz, with a buffer period at the end for students to upload (30 minutes is suggested). 
  • It is recommended to select “Hide from Users” until closer to the exam date.

Depending on your grading method, you can opt to associate either the quiz or the assignment with a Grade Item in the gradebook.

  1. Add the Special Access details into the Quiz. Find out more about providing Special Access in Brightspace Quizzes
  2. Be sure to match any adjustments in the Special Access of the relevant Assignment, including the buffer time for students to upload. Find out more about providing Special Access in Brightspace Assignments.

1 Week Before Exam

Monitor Onboarding test results in Proctortrack
  1. Through the View Sessions option for that test in the ProctorTrack Dashboard, you can monitor and review student attempts. An “Onboarding Status” will be associated with each student. Those who have failed their most recent attempt will have a red circle in the Onboarding Status column.  
  2. To review an individual student, click on their first name.
  3. If a student has failed for unnecessary reasons, the instructor can manually pass them as needed by clicking on the Passed or Failed options to the top right.
  4. Students need to be successfully Onboarded before they can take the exam. As this can take a minimum of four hours, it is important to ensure that every student has passed by at least the day before the exam.

Notify students who have not taken the Practice Onboarding Quiz

Please notify any students who have not attempted the onboarding test a week before the exam date.

Day of Exam

Hide all course content from students but the relevant Quiz, Assignment (to upload), and the Proctortrack module.

Refer to the instructions for how students "Take an exam with Proctortrack".

Following the Exam

Review Proctortrack results
  1. From the Proctortrack Dashboard, select “View Sessions” in the test’s row
  2. A dashboard will appear, summarizing the results of the proctoring, including a red “Require Attention” 
  3. Students that have passed will have a green checkmark next to their names, students who have failed will have a red ‘x’ and those with a yellow question mark are considered to be suspicious. Instructors will have to review both failed and suspicious test sessions. 
  4. Click on the student in question’s first name - a new tab will open that has tabs for Video Monitoring, Online Violations, Verification Scans, and Onboarding.
  • In the video monitoring tab, a timeline along the bottom will indicate when suspected violations occurred. To skip through suspected violations as you review, use the “Real Time Violations Viewer” option (below the Onboarding tab)
  • If the student also has potential online violations, there will be a red circle in that tab. Clicking on it will allow you to view screenshots of their activity.

After reviewing, the instructor can decide if the student has passed or failed, and click the respective button to the top right.


ProctorTrack works with most assistive technologies, including screen readers, dictation, and various literacy software. 


Faculty can allow the use of specific applications during the exam. Common assistive technologies are whitelisted by default, however certain web-based applications or literacy software may need to be whitelisted.

Please refer to eCampusOntario’s guide on whitelisting in ProctorTrack., external link

Kurzweil (online) with ProctorTrack

Instructors will need to whitelist Kurzweil for the exam.

  1. Please refer to eCampusOntario’s guide on whitelisting URLs in ProctorTrack., external link
  2. Under “Enter URL to make Whitelist”, input these three URLs:,,
  3. Lastly, the instructor will need to provide a hyperlink to Kurzweil online, within the quiz instructions in D2L. Instructors must set hyperlink to “Open as an External Resource” so it doesn’t open in the same window.

Individual student settings

Instructors can configure settings in the “Students Settings” tab within the dashboard, depending on the accommodation needs or requirements for a specific student. Various settings include: allow copy/paste, allow multiple monitors, opt-out of photo ID scan, and much more. 

Please refer to eCampusOntario’s guide on individual student settings., external link