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Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB)

Respondus LockDown Browser is a tool that can be used to enhance academic integrity while completing an exam.

When required on an exam, it prevents:

  • Navigating to websites other than the exam
  • Copying or printing anything on the exam screen
  • Accessing other applications on the computer

LockDown Browser must be installed on the computer used to complete the exam.

When used in a controlled Ryerson lab environment, it is one of a handful of tools that are used to ensure academic integrity.

Please keep in mind that In a home setting, the use of other devices (such as smart phones, second computers, etc.) cannot be limited.

October 2021: Windows 11 is still being tested by Respondus, and is not yet an officially supported operating system. 

Normally, the use of LockDown browser outside of a lab situation is not advised. At this time, some instructors are selecting to use it for at-home tests. Use with your own discretion, and be sure to carefully review the disclaimer below.

 Update (for emergency remote learning and teaching)

In remote learning and teaching, assessment is done online. This includes using D2L quizzes for remote exams. If after consideration, an instructor decides to use a virtual proctoring tool for an exam, the virtual proctoring tool available is Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

Note that Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor have undergone a Ryerson privacy impact assessment and security assessment. The virtual proctoring guidance has been prepared by the Office of the General Counsel, the Privacy Office, the Academic Integrity Office, Computing and Communications Services, the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, the Office of the Registrar, and Academic Accommodations Support.

 Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) Disclaimer

The following disclaimer is only an option for pre-pandemic, in-lab examinations and that it does not apply to remote examinations.

When instructors ask students to download and install Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) on personally owned devices to take D2L online tests, they will have to provide this disclaimer to students:

1) The use of Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB) is intended for tests which are being proctored, such as in a lab or classroom. If the students are taking the online test in their own spaces (unproctored), the Respondus LDB does not help in ensuring academic integrity, since unlike in a proctored lab/classroom, students can use other devices to aid them during the test.

2) The Respondus LDB is installed on the TRSM lab computers. TRSM lab computers are managed and monitored by CCS for any malicious activities (i.e. viruses, malware, etc.). If you require students to install the Respondus LDB on their personal computers, students will be running the software at their own risk. While we believe this risk is minimal, CCS is unable to monitor student devices for malicious activity. It is recommended that instructors inform students about this risk and that students need to run Respondus LDB’s latest version. (If a newer version is available, students will be prompted to update it and they will not be able to use the Respondus LDB without updating it.)

3) If any student is uncomfortable or unable to download and install Respondus LDB, instructors must provide an alternative way of taking the test. For example, by allowing the student to do it in a proctored lab or using a loaner laptop. In TRSM, a small number of loaner laptops are available at the TRSM Student Technology Help Desk.

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact the D2L Brightspace support team at

Create your quiz in Brightspace before you enable Respondus LockDown browser.

Enable LockDown Browser (LDB)

1. Using Chrome or Firefox, log into D2L Brightspace.

2. Find your course and navigate to the "Assessment" dropdown, and go to "Quizzes"

3. Click on the "Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor" tab.

4. Click on the "Continue" button.

Respondus tab in the Qiuz tool

5. You may be prompted with a "Welcome" page. Click on "Continue to LockDown Browser" at the end of the page.

6. If you have any quizzes created, a list will be displayed.

  • Quizzes labeled with “Required” require students to use LockDown Browser.
  • Quizzes labeled with “Not Required” don’t require LockDown Browser.

To change the settings on a quiz, select "Settings" from the context menu to the left of the quiz title and select the desired option.

Quiz settings

7. You may additionally require that LockDown Browser be used to view quiz feedback and results.

You may optionally create a password that students must enter to start the quiz. LockDown Browser will prompt students to enter the instructor-provided password before proceeding with the quiz.

Review the "Advanced Settings", however we recommend leaving these settings unchecked. 

Quiz settings in Respondus lockdown

8. Save the changes

Scroll past the "Monitor Webcam Settings", to the bottom of the page, and click the "Save and Close" button.

This will save your settings and return you to the Respondus LockDown Browser Dashboard.

Respondus save button

Ensure your first exam using Respondus LockDown Browser runs smoothly! Have students take an ungraded practice quiz that requires the use of LockDown Browser, before taking a graded exam.

Important: Leave the practice quiz available for the duration of the course, with unlimited attempts, so students can check their setup from a different computer.

Student computer requirements

Respondus LockDown Browser requires that students download software on their own personal computers. Please share the following computer requirements with them prior to the sample test.

Please note that the latest version of Respondus LockDown Browser will be required, so if the student had previously downloaded it, an update may be required before beginning a test.

  • Windows: 10, 8, 7.
  • Mac: OS X 10.10 or higher.
  • Administrative privileges on your computer.