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My Brightspace essentials

My Brightspace essentials

First, log in at external,, and then click either

  1. The Online Courses & Organizations tab, or
  2. In the Online Courses and Organizations Portlet, click Your courses in D2L Brightspace.

On the D2L Brightspace homepage, you can see "My Courses".

Simply click on a course image or name to view the course.

Don't see your current course here?

You may need to manually add the courses to "My Courses" by "pinning" them. Please see the instructions below.

 Important: Your courses can always be accessed by using the "Select a course" dropdown menu in the minibar at the top of your screen. Please see the "How to pin..." section below for an illustration of this feature.


"Pinning" is the act of adding courses to "My Courses", on your D2L homepage.

You can control which courses appear here, and can "un-pin" courses that you access less frequently.

How to "pin" courses

  1. At the very top of the page, click on the "Select a course..." icon. All of the courses you currently have access to are listed here.
  2. Locate the pin icon to the right of the course in question.
    • If it is solid, the course is "pinned" and appears in the My Courses area.
    • If the pin icon is merely an outline, the course is "unpinned" and will not appear in the My Courses area.
    • Click on the pin to switch its state.

You will see the course updated in the "My Courses" section of your homepage.

Quick un-pinning

There is an even quicker way to unpin a course directly from My Courses.

  1. Hover your mouse over the course you wish to unpin, and click on the "three dots" icon.
  2. From the resulting menu, click Unpin.

You will see the course removed from the "My Courses" section of your homepage. It can still be accessed using the "Select a course" dropdown menu at the top of the screen.


Course instructors may notice a couple of visual cues when you have courses within the Start and End dates that have not been made "active" (and therefore aren't yet visible to the students).

  1. There will be a message above the list of courses in the My Courses area, to indicate that at least one of your pinned courses is inactive.
  2. Any pinned course that is inactive will have its image darkened, and will have a message that indicates that the course is inactive.

After a course has past its End Date, only the Instructor will retain access. If the course is still pinned for the Instructor, it will appear with a darkened image and the message "Course Ended", with the end date.

If you don't wish to see these courses in the My Courses area, please unpin the course. It can still be accessed using the "Select a Course" dropdown menu and can be re-pinned if needed.


In this video (0:40):

(00:00) Find "My Courses"

The key tools in D2L Brightspace are located in the menu bar across the top of the course page, called the navbar:

  • Content - here, you will find all course materials that your instructor has posted. This could be lecture notes, uploaded files, videos. Instructors decide how to organize the content, so look to the menu bar on the left. Each of these is called a ‘content module’.

  • Grades - you can view any interim grades that have been posted.
  • Assessment - links to various assignment types appear here. This includes the Assignments tool (where assignments are submitted) and Quizzes (where all online quizzes/tests will appear).

  • Communication - view available communication tools such as Discussions and Chat. Discussions are used to provide communication among a class or a group of users. In some cases, online discussion will be a graded portion of the course, while in others it will simply be for your own benefit.

  • Resources - you can click on several useful resources from this link, including Content, Calendar and the System Check


  1. When you log into your course in Brightspace, click Content from the navbar.
  2. On the left, you’ll see the course table of contents. The modules for your entire course are listed here. Click on a module to open it up.
  3. The module will display in the center of your interface. There may be files, links and reading materials displayed in each module. Modules may also contain sub-modules, which are an added folder structure to house content.


D2L's "tracking progress" feature allows you to see your progress in completing your coursework. Completing is defined as clicking through an item. As you work through content such as files, videos, etc., progress indicators will show green checks for topics and modules completed, gray circles for topics not yet completed, a progress bar for progress within a module and a progress bar for overall course progress when viewing the table of contents. This will help identify the items you have already clicked through and reviewed.

  • For most of you, progress tracking will occur automatically when you click through a content topic. This is the default setting in D2L.
  • If you see a blank checkbox underneath the content with the message “Task: View this topic”, you have to check the box for your progress to be tracked.
  • If you don’t see a progress bar whatsoever, your instructor may have disabled progress tracking from the course.