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Send email through D2L

If your instructor creates a group with the entire class enrolled as members, you may be able to email your entire class (this is up to your instructor). You can’t email individual students from the classlist directly.

In D2L, you can email all the members of any groups you are a part of. To email your group members:

Send email through D2L
  1. Click Communication > Groups from the navbar
Send email through D2L
  1. Click the email icon next to the group you wish to email.
Send email through D2L
  1. Type your email and click send. The number of recipients will be listed in the Bcc: column, but the actual email addresses will not appear.


A few other things to be aware of with emailing in D2L:

  • The maximum attachment size is 500 kb.

  • The ‘Insert QuickLink’ tool, when composing a new email, only works with the URL option (when sending a link to an external website). It will not work if you select a link to content within your D2L course.

  • Recipients of your email will see your email address.

  • There is no Sent box. To receive a copy of an email you send within D2L, click your name in top right of the minibar > Account Settings > Email and ensure the Send a copy of each outgoing message to is checked off.