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HR Service Continuity

Ryerson Human Resources has been working diligently to ensure that HR services are available to leaders and employees. In some cases, there may be changes to how you access them.

General HR support

Please note that the general 416-979-5075 will not be in service during this period.

Support for general HR inquiries, job application and pay continues to be available through

Your HR partner remains available for items related to COVID-19, as well as on general management support. They can be reached via email and are able to meet virtually as well. 

As a reminder, employees and leaders who submit timesheets should continue to follow the standard process and payroll deadlines. Review more information about submitting your timesheets during this period online.

To ensure pay continuity, we strongly encourage any employees who receive paper cheques to sign up for direct deposit as soon as possible. Visit the eHR tutorial on payroll for instructions.

Pension and benefit administration continues during this period.

If you are working through the process of buying back pensionable service, please note that there may be a delay in depositing your cheques. 

Please also note that Sun Life has advised Ryerson of an increase of claim submissions, so there may be a delay in claim processing and reimbursement. 

Out-of-province and out-of-country coverage 

Employees with benefits who have out-of-province/out-of-country travel coverage should note:

  • There are no extensions to the 180 day coverage limit. 
  • Sun Life cannot guarantee the level of healthcare available depending on where you travel. 

Please be reminded that:

  • all university-sanctioned international travel by students and staff is cancelled until August 31 or further notice; and,
  • all university-sanctioned international travel by faculty is to be avoided until August 31 or further notice.

We also strongly urge anyone planning to travel to review the Government of Canada’s current travel advisory, external link.

Term contract extensions will be processed. Please save and complete the fillable PDF filePAR form and email it to your HR advisor, cc-ing your senior leader. 

During this time, signatures are not required on PAR forms and email approvals are being accepted.

Contracts that are expiring before the end of the semester that would have continued were it not for COVID-19, should be extended until the end of the semester. 

If you were not planning to extend the term contract because the work is no longer available or because of performance issues, please connect with your HR partner for further discussion.

While the university is operating in an essential services model, OPSEU has agreed to extend any short-term temporary (STT) assignments which are scheduled to end by April 30 for up to three months.

As a result of an increase in requests for records of employment (ROE), there may be a delay in processing due to demand on the government’s website. If you have any questions, please contact

Workplace Wellbeing Services continues to be able to support employees and leaders in managing sick leave and long-term disability. 

Please note that the need for sick notes has been waived during this time. Tracking sick time in eHR remains necessary to ensure continuity of pay, monitoring of sick leaves longer than two weeks by Workplace Wellbeing Services and to track longer absences for long-term disability eligibility.

All job evaluation and total compensation activities are continuing. Priority will be given to job evaluation and compensation reviews that impact pay and recruitment. Please reach out to your total compensation specialist as needed.

Recruitment activities

Recruitment activities are continuing, with a move to virtual interviews. Reach out to your HR advisor or partner for support on decisions about start dates and onboarding timelines. Standard timelines for postings will not change. 

HR will continue to work closely with leaders and applicants, especially on critical or already in process hires. 

PAR forms are required to start new competitions. Please complete and save the fillable PDF filePAR form and email it to your HR advisor, cc-ing your senior leader. 

During this time, signatures are not required on PAR forms and email approvals are being accepted.

During this time of uncertainty, job search may not be top of mind for both internal and external candidates. As a result, the job ad may not yield a strong candidate pool. Leaders are encouraged to discuss the job search timing with their HR advisor.

While we hope that the recruitment activity will proceed without delay, new postings will contain language to advise candidates that it may be necessary to put competitions on hold as the current situation evolves.

Resume review

Resumes can continue to be reviewed by both the HR advisor and hiring leader. Hiring leaders will be provided with access to resumes in one of two ways:  


If an assessment is part of the selection process, your HR advisor will support you in designing a virtual assessment and how it will be administered.


Interviews with candidates can be completed virtually through Google Meet, external link. The requirements are a camera on either a laptop, smartphone or tablet and an email address. Your HR advisor is familiar with Google Meet and will be able to coordinate the logistics and advise on meeting etiquette. Please also review the section on Conducting virtual meetings.

Reference checks will continue to be conducted and candidates will be asked to provide the reference requirements. 

If you would like a reference from a current employer, please speak with your HR advisor about how best to navigate this situation given the current circumstances.

As the timeline for Ryerson to be operating under an essential services model is unknown, it is strongly recommended that offers of employment are not extended with firm start dates. Instead, an offer can be extended to a candidate with the start date ‘to be determined’ (TBD). 

HR recognizes that there can be extenuating or emergency circumstances, and will work with hiring managers to meet their needs.

Your HR advisor will ensure that candidates are provided with rationale for TBD start dates. When extending the offer, the HR advisor will recommend candidates who are currently employed do not provide notice to their employer until a start date is determined. A clause outlining this will be included in the offer. 

The HR advisor will remain in contact with candidates who have received offers to keep them apprised of the unfolding situation at the university. Once a start date can be confirmed, a revised offer will be issued. 

Competitions involving internal candidates will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

We strongly recommend that each leader is very intentional in deciding whether it is absolutely necessary to start a new employee during this time.  

Please connect with your HR advisor for further discussion.

If an offer of employment has already been extended and accepted by an external candidate, the university will honour that start date. 

If an offer has been accepted by an internal candidate and a start date has been agreed to with the releasing department, the start date including changes to salary will be honoured.

Please reach out to new employees who have not yet started to advise them that Ryerson has shifted to an essential services on campus model. It’s important to reassure them that their start dates are being honoured and share an onboarding plan with them.  

If your department has been deemed a non-essential service and your team is working from home, consider how a new employee can be onboarded and start work remotely. Your HR advisor or partner can work with you to PDF filedevelop an onboarding plan.

Employees who will be starting while the university is operating under an essential services model will be able to attend a virtual orientation session. 

The HR coordinator supporting the onboarding process will email the new employee the details of the orientation and required forms (e.g. tax forms, confidentiality form, etc.). To return the forms, scanned copies or photos of forms will be accepted. 

As a leader, you will need to consider the following for onboarding: 

  • Technical equipment: Consider what technical equipment your new employee requires and make arrangements accordingly (e.g. laptop or phone). 
  • Develop an onboarding schedule: Develop an onboarding plan of key activities and information that the new employee should review.  
  • Set up file access: Add the new employee to department google drive folders so they can review documents, processes and projects.
  • Meet virtually: Use technology such as Google Meet to virtually introduce the new employee to the team.

Review more recommendations in the onboarding information for leaders online. 

During this time, leaders should prioritize flexibility, keeping in mind that the onboarding experience and overall productivity of a new employee will not be optimal. 

Please reach out to your HR advisor or HR partner to discuss options and to determine if another solution is feasible.

The short-term temporary pool will continue to be maintained by Sri Pathmanathan, HR and employment equity advisor who will continue to vet candidates. 

If you have a short-term temporary and non-union casual position that must be filled on a critical basis, please reach out to Sri by email at   

Otherwise, it is strongly recommended that both short-term temporary and non-union casual hiring is paused. If you do start a new employee, please consider the orientation and onboarding factors outlined on this page.