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Checking in with Faculty and Staff

Ryerson’s Recharge campaign launched at the end of June 2020, in recognition of the impact of the abrupt shift to remote work and continued challenges caused by the pandemic. Last week, President Lachemi sent updates to the community about the initiative and the importance of prioritizing wellbeing.

We reached out to Ryerson faculty and staff to get their input on how remote work has impacted them, as well as to share how they make wellbeing a priority.

Cheryl Thompson

Cheryl Thompson, a professor in the School of Creative Industries shares how she’s set boundaries for her wellbeing and strategies to make virtual class as fun as it can be.

Cory Searcy

Vice-Provost and Dean of the Yeates School of Graduate Studies Cory Searcy shares how he has tried to create a separation between work and family time, and talks about how balancing email and Zoom meetings can make prioritizing research a challenge.

Denise O’Neil Green

Find out how Vice-President, Equity and Community Inclusion Denise O'Neil Green uses gratitude, daily walks and music to replenish and recharge.

Jen Barcelona

Jen Barcelona, manager of the Tri-Mentoring Program in Student Affairs, gives us insights into her experience working from home with her children. This video was recorded in the lead-up to the fall semester. She jokes to Natalie Roach, mental health coordinator about the number of takes the video required and also shares what she’s found most helpful about the Recharge initiative.

Natalie Roach

Mental health coordinator Natalie Roach talks about how she’s creating work life balance during this period of remote work.

Pam Sugiman

Pam Sugiman, Dean of the Faculty of Arts shares how she’s come to appreciate solitude, and what she says is the benefit of being bored.

Shruti Chellani

Human Resources Consulting Coordinator Shruti Chellani talks about strategies to combat distractions, scheduling breaks in her calendar and how she's rearranged her workspace to prioritize natural light.