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Principles for Scenario Planning

The Scenario Planning Working Group has been looking at critical uncertainties and devising a list of plausible scenarios to help us navigate potential disruptions and to ensure that we are prepared for any challenges that the fall may bring. The following list outlines their principles for back to campus planning: 

  • All activities will be in alignment with Ryerson’s Strategic Vision, Academic Plan and Strategic Research Plan
  • Uncertainty of pandemic means majority of fall 2020 activities will be delivered in virtual formats
  • Prioritize access to research facilities in compliance with provincial guidelines
  • Planning in accordance with recommendations and guidance from public health authorities
  • Prioritize high-quality supports for students that focus on wellbeing, academic success and financial assistance
  • Access to technology
  • Ensuring safety for the Ryerson community while at work on campus
  • Build in mechanisms to identify and challenge core assumptions to ensure that the planning process, and resulting decisions, are current, proactive and based on the best available scientific knowledge

In August 2020, a town hall for faculty and instructors was held to discuss back to campus scenario planning. View the recording of the event above.