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Requirements to Access Campus If You Are Not Fully Vaccinated

Effective Monday, October 18, individuals accessing campus or in-person university activities off-campus must be fully vaccinated or have received an approved exemption from the university.

Participate in the Rapid Antigen Testing Program

Individuals who have approved exemptions are still required to participate in the Rapid Antigen Testing Program.

You will be required to complete testing twice per week on Mondays and Thursdays, regardless of when you are planning to access campus or in-person university activities off campus. To learn more, including how to complete testing and submit your results, visit the Rapid Antigen Testing Program webpage.

Training on COVID-19 risks, how to prevent transmission and vaccines is available

Ryerson University has developed comprehensive COVID-19 training which outlines: 

  • What COVID-19 is, how it spreads and how you can reduce the spread of infection
  • How Ryerson has prepared the campus for a gradual and safe return
  • Health and safety measures in place before coming to campus and while on campus
  • What to do if you are sick or become ill with Covid-19
  • Where to find additional Ryerson and public health information and resources

Ryerson University encourages those who will be working and studying on campus to complete the training, particularly those who are not fully vaccinated.