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Plan Your Commute

We recognize that you may have some questions about taking public transit or parking on campus.

Riding public transit

Guidance for riding the TTC during the COVID-19 pandemic, external link.

Note that masks are mandatory on the TTC. For more information, visit Masks and face coverings, external link.

Information about safe travel on GO Transit, external link.

Note that masks are mandatory on Go Transit.

Ontario Ministry of Transportation guidance on public transit safety, external link.

Vehicle parking on campus

For information regarding public parking options at Ryerson and parking rates, please visit the public parking locations and rates page.

Travel-related expense reimbursements

Financial Services has released guidelines on employee reimbursements during COVID-19, including information about eligibility for travel-related costs when employees are required to come to campus. Please review Employee Reimbursement Guidelines during COVID-19 for details. Please note this is currently under review and may be updated for the fall. 

Resources for cyclists 

If possible, take advantage of pedestrian travel options and cycling infrastructure. Learn more about Bicycle Parking on campus or visit Facilities page for information on sustainable transportation.