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What Leaders Need to Do

Leaders are responsible for developing return to campus strategies for their areas and ensuring the health and wellness of their employees. The five steps below outline what leaders need to do prior to returning employees to the campus.

  1. Assess which employees can continue working remotely. Continue supporting employees to work remotely wherever possible. This continues to be the university‚Äôs number one strategy to support physical distancing and minimize COVID-19 risk. 
  2. If employees are unable to complete required deliverables at home, develop a plan for gradual return in the future. In planning for the future and in keeping with physical distancing practices, no more than approximately 30% of the employees that use the physical workplace should be on campus at any given time. This will be updated according to public health recommendations.
  3. Prepare your physical space based on who needs to return.
  4. Communicate plans and strategies with your employees.
  5. Monitor and evaluate the plan.
    • As the leader, it is your role to ensure physical distancing requirements are being met. Regularly assess the effectiveness of the new schedules, measures and processes and modify where necessary.

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Key contacts for support 

If you have immediate questions about preparing your workspace, please contact the Facilities Help Desk at or 416-979-5091. 

If you are a leader with questions about preparing their teams for return to campus, contact your HR partner.